Friday, February 09, 2007

Robert Paisola's Interview with MSNBC and the Anna Nicole Smith Death Announcement- Things CAN and DO Change!

Robert Paisola, CEO and President of The Robert Paisola Foundation

So, It is 9:07 Am MST on Thursday February 08, 2007. We receive a call in our Salt Lake City Office. It is Adrienne Wheeler from MSNBC in New York. She is a Senior Booking Agent for the MSNBC NEWS Network and she calls and wants me to appear live on MSNBC TODAY at 1:00 PM MST on a show that she was booking for.

I responded that the deadline was a little tight but because it was a national feed, I would do "Whatever it takes" to make it to the studio to appear live for the show.

She said that her and her staff had done research and I was the only person that she wanted to appear on the show. She said that I would need to be at KSL, the local NBC Affiliate as soon as possible.

No problem. Whatever it takes.. This IS MSNBC!

So, I receive a call back on my cell phone telling me that the location of the feed was being changed and that I would need to go to another studio, as KSL in Salt Lake City was completely booked.

She immediately offered to send a Limousine to get me, but I was already on the road heading for dowtown Salt Lake City. She redirected me to a studio called CoverEdge. Lucky for me it was right next to KSL TV.

So, I arrive at the Studio Prepare for a live Nationwide Broadcast. I have done this many times before, as I am not only a member of the media, but an expert on the subject that was being discussed Here are the Details

Now, here is the timeline...

11:48 Arrive at the Cover Edge Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah

11:56 Enter Studio for Make Up and Light test

12:14 PM The Test Shots Are Commencing and I am fitted with an earpiece that connects me live to New York, New York

12:50 1:50 CST There is a Breaking News Alert that SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONG WITH ANNA NICOLE SMITH AT A HOTEL IN HOLYWOOD FLORIDA. I CAN HEAR A LOT OF PEOPLE TALKING IN MY EARPIECE IN WASHINGTON, NEW YORK, and LOS ANGELES. There is an uproar and at that same moment this shot appears on the National Screen.

And then the host of the show for MSNBC begins her intor to the segment that we are going to debate. Is it fair to kill Child Molesters regardless of what they have done? In other words, If you are 19 and in the military, goto a club and meet a 17 year old girl and have sexual relations, You are automaticatty labeled a child molester and eligible for the DEATH PENALTY! Hell No... So we begin!

The segment begins, and we are introduced. The tagline on the story shows 11:50 AM or 12:50 PM Utah Time.

You can watch the segment LIVE here at

Prior to the interview, we were told that we would have 7 minutes for the segment. I was told that there would be a 7 second delay, so I avoided watching the monitor.

And then all hell broke loose in my earpiece. The conversation between New York, Los Angeles and New York was combined with the audio of the feeds of Anna Nicole Smith's Death. I knew that the segment was being cut short, and all of a sudden at 12:52 PST I am Live and trying to hear the MSNBC HOST as well as the traffic on the ground in Florida. (These are all Unedited Photos)

Then at 1:56 PM MST The segment cuts to the Anna Nicole Smith Story and our Segment is cut short.

Well, my friends, this is the nature of the media business. No matter how hard you plan or how great the plan, things happen in life that create change. This is a prime example of Change that I plan to use in my National Seminars.

Remember how detailed the booking agent was? Remember how Adrienne Wheeler from MSNBC in New York had our appearance set updown to the minute? Well that was the exact moment that the Anna Nicole Smith Story Broke. You would not believe what I heard in the earpiece!

So, for those of you who have never been on television, this is just a quick introduction to the world of Live Television. Whether it is a local news station, CNN, Bloomberg, MSNBC or the CBS Evening News, you are ALWAYS subject to the days events and that is why being able to accept CHANGE is essential in any business.

You can read about this in my latest book that was co-authored with Dr. John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) and Mr. Tom Hopkins, International Sales Motivator. The book is called Conversations on Success and is my thir book.

So, remember, Always be prepared for change, and realize that the world is connected in seconds, not days anymore!

To your Continued Success,

Robert Paisola
CEO and President
The Wesern Capital Group of Companies

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