Friday, May 30, 2008

"I will Slit Your Throat If You Testify" Robert Paisola for Corbis Multimedia

October 11, 2007

Dateline Salt Lake City, Utah
Robert Paisola for Western Capital Publishing

She received a phone call at 2:00 AM from a man claiming to be a friend of her former husband Andre Gustavo Henry Lopez, tired and exhausted, she answered the phone. "Hello" she said in a shattered voice. If your dare to show up to the Third Judicial District Court for the hearing, "I will kill you"

Immediately, the victim, Lindsey Lopez, realized that her ex-husband was not the person that she originally thought; a small catering company owner, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. But was involved with a group of Columbian Drug Lords who utilized his services as a major cocaine distributor throughout the Western United States.

"I could not believe the call" said Lopez "I was given the option to go into hiding" says Lindsey Lopez, his ex-wife, " but I knew that would only let him feel as if he had won" she said

She immediately hung up the phone, called the Draper, Utah Police Department and for 48 greuling hours waited for the pending hearing before the Honorable Third Judicial District Court Judge Robert Adkins.

"The calls continued" she said; "I did not know what to do" she addded. But I am so thankful to the Draper, Utah Police Department for remaining committed to keep me safe. " "They saved my life" "I think they drove by my home every 10 minutes" Lopez Said.

In the end, the Defendant, Andre Gustavo Henry Lopez cried like a child for mercy in the courtroom and plead guilty to all charges. He faces up to eight years in the Utah State Prison In Draper, Utah.

Andre Gustavo Henry Lopez remains in custody at the Adult Detention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is being held on 2 consecutive fifty thousand dollar cash only bails.

"He will never get out" said his attorney to the judge.

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