Thursday, February 21, 2008

Westgate Resorts Scam- Robert Paisola Responds


I have a timeshare with westgate and I am totally frustrated. month after month we throw money away to make our paymenys, every year our maint, increases by $100 or more, and when we want to plan a vacation nothing is available.

to make matters worse, we booked a trip august 2007 for aruba. two weeks before i suffered a miscarriage. i had taken out the insurance only to be told i needed medical proof of my alleged medical condition including doctors note, hospital info.

what,are they kidding me? a total disgrace. i eventually after making 15 calls got someone at westgate to cancel this and only let us use the week at another time with a one year expiration. not to mention the so called insurance that covered up to $1000 didnt cover any of the plane tix, rent a car. anything,

I have decided to stop making the payments and wait for my notice to quit letter. I hope this does not appear on my credit report, as they did not run mt credit from day one to see if was even able to make the payments. i also have 2 trips booked for may 2008 paid for almost one year ago. neither with westgate ( staying at sheraton). as of now it says confirmed under my account history.....will this be honored or will they try to cancel these. like i said they were paid for quite a while ago.

please let me know what your thoughts are on all this.



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