Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Fixed Belief Called Struggle, Robert Paisola Reports

A Fixed Belief Called Struggle, Robert Paisola Responds

“Every time I get close to success I sabotage myself.”

“Why is making money so difficult for me.”

“Look, for other people things are so easy, why not for me.”
Any of these 3 thoughts sound familiar?

Too many people today have been beat up and have ingested JUNK

Let me define ‘junk beliefs’ for you.

Junk belief: A belief you digested years ago that guarantees
your struggle and failure today.

Let’s keep going.

Let’s talk about one of the biggest junk beliefs we could have
soaked it.

***The Belief Called ‘Struggle’

Many people were taught, “making money is hard.”
And even more than that.

They were taught, that “life is hard, that life is a struggle.”
When you soak in struggle, your circumstances reflect struggle.
In your life, relationships, and finances.

“Rob, I want to end struggle in my life, what’s the opposite of

The opposite of struggle is EFFORT.
Struggle is actions laced with negative emotions and

Effort is natural. It’s taken one action after another, moving
to your destination.

We were born to make EFFORTS.

We were not born to struggle.

The famous author Emile Coule said years ago, “Always think of
what you have to do as easy and it will become so.”

Say out loud, “Making money is easy.”

“Having great relationships is easy for me.”

Make this a habit.

Many people have bought into STRUGGLE and don’t even see that
they have.

It’s an ‘invisible’ belief that chains them to mediocrity and
strife. They’ve been directed by this belief so long, that it
almost seems natural, a ‘part of them’.

You deserve to live a life of EFFORT, not struggle.

Demand a greater awareness from yourself, making sure you
haven’t bought into this junk belief.

Your BEST days are ahead of you. They are.

Love Ya! You’re The Best!

Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Foundation

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