Sunday, April 06, 2008

Boudreau and Associates Continues Cycle of Abuse, Thank You Robert Paisola

Robert Paisola,

Wow, very impressed with your work. Listened to several of the phone conversations. They made me relive the horrible experience I went through with a manager from Boudreau.

After withdrawing for Bankruptcy in December 07. Filed in May 07. It kept getting continued until we filed to withdraw in Dec.

I entered Freedom-debt elimination. Boudreau says they do not deal with this company. I backed out on an unreasonable settlement after reading some of their bad press. They continued to threaten with legal action. Have made numerous calls to my office using alias names. When I told them there was no way I could pay 2,800 for 3 months, the manager came on the line. I'll never forget how I felt during that call. He was very good at his job.

I never been spoken to in that way or with such tenacity. He played every angle, and if I had the 8,400 I would have driven to him that day. He belittled my morals, my integrity, my way of life.

By the end of the call, and after I would not agree to pay, the Manager began yelling that all deals are off. Don't even try to pay this debt. They are going to hold this up for 10 years then file a lawsuit and hit me for way more than I would have paid them.

One month went by. I received a call at my new place of business from them Friday 4/4. I have until Wed. to call them back with my offer. They're giving me one last chance to pay. They say they want to settle.

I don't know what to do. I would love to pay this debt at the lower rate, but not after the way I was spoken to.

The last conversation also had threats of legal action. They keep saying that freedom debt will not represent me when they serve me.
Should I offer them 500 a month, should I send them the certified letters, I just want this to end.

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