Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sham Maharaj and Buena Vista Corporation Threaten Real Estate Investors, Robert Paisola Reports

Investors across the nation have been contacting our offices at Western Capital complaining of a man named Shammand "Sham" Maharj. We are told he has scammed millions of dollars from investors and this is a consumer and media site that is covering this story. He is the owner of the Buena Vista Corporation and The Orlando Sharks Soccer Team. Jail???

That was the headline that we brought to you last October when we first began to investigate Sham Maharaj and his "Buena Vista Corporation". Since then we have heard from jundreds of victims that have been silenced or threatened by Maharaj if they speak regarding any losses that they incurred as a result of their involvement with his companies.

We have spoken to large investment banks around the world, and have been told that the project that we were mainly interested in looking at called "Ruby Ridge: in Florida, was merely the tip of the iceberg for old Sham.

Well, we received a call today from a Real Estate Investor who has lost a substantial amount of money to Sham Maharaj and Buena Vista Corporation and he said that he received a letter from an attorney THREATENING him.

So, if you are a victim of Sham Maharaj and Buena Vista Corporation and have received a letter from their attorneys, or better yet, if you have been sued by their companies, we want to know immediately. Please send a copy of any demand letter that you receive to or fax our Los Angeles Office at 408-889-2415.

We will keep you advised on upcoming posts. If you are a member of the media, please feel free to contact


Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Foundation


Kevin said...

Kevin Barry here. We have a judgement against Sham Maharaj and an admission of fraud against him. He is slippery and slimy but continues to live in squalor. said...

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Robert Paisola