Thursday, February 07, 2008

American Express and Nationwide Credit- Pure Hell on Earth, Posted by Robert Paisola

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Yesterday I contacted American Express in regards to a card that had gone unpaid, I was looking to keep the account from falling into default but was unable to do so since I was informed that Amex had forwarded the account to Nationwide Credit just the day before I had contacted them.

I followed up my call to Amex by contacting Nationwide Credit, they had never contacted me I just thought it would show my intent to make good on my debt if I went ahead and called them first.

That is when my experience became very similar to the call that you have posted on your website, which is what compelled me to join the VIP’s and contact you.
A gentleman named Kenny Clayton (888) 322-2608 x-5004 informed me that I had to pay the entire amount of my account totaling $33,000, I told him that that was an impossible amount for me to come up with.

He told me that the only other payment arrangement would be to pay half up front which exceeded $15,000 and then make payments over the following two months that would total more than $7,000 each and that those were the only two options that Amex gives for accounts that go into default.

I told Mr. Clayton that I wanted to settle my debt but that neither one of those options was realistic he told me there was no other option.

He brought up my FICO score which has dropped from above 700 to around 585 due to this and asked me if this was the first time that I had ever had an account fall into collections…I confirmed that in fact it was the first time this had happened; and he said he thought so because my score was still that high.

Mr. Clayton then suggested that I apply for another credit card and make a balance transfer, apply for a loan at my bank, pull money out of my equity or get the money from family or friends and after putting me on hold to check with his supervisor gave me 48 hours to try and procure the money; that deadline expires tomorrow-Friday February 8 @ 9AM.

Obviously distraught because I knew there was no way that I could make this happen I started doing some searches on the internet which is where I found your website and listened to the phone call posted there.

The delinquency on this account has occurred as a result of the Southern California Wildfires at the end of October 2007.

I own my own seafood market in Ventura County and while my business was not directly damaged the impact the fires had as a result of evacuations and blackouts was devastating on my business where over a three – four week period from late October to mid-November we lost about 70% of our regular business.

During this difficult time pretty much everyone was helpful in aiding us getting back on our feet except for American Express which provided us absolutely nothing in the way of help and immediately started the delinquent notices piling up on the account.

At this point I have absolutely no idea how to approach tomorrow morning and with trying to run a business I don’t have the time to go through and figure out what the laws are governing these agencies, please help me; I am willing to repay my debt but Nationwide Credit has put the fear in me that if I don’t come up with $33,000 that they will pursue me through other means.

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