Thursday, February 07, 2008

Another Unifund Lawsuit, Posted by Robert Paisola

Dear Robert.

I looked at your web site and I am writing to you about unifund ccr
partners as well.

I received a summons at 9pm at night from a sheriff banging on our
door. My wife and I were scared as to what was happening and when we
read the summons we were even more afraid. It stated that we owed
Citibank 17,000 that is now 29,000 and other fees are due. We never
owned a Citibank credit card, We never heard of these people unifund
and can't understand how they could file a suit without calling or
discussing this matter with us. I searched the web this morning for
info on how to respond. I will contact neighborhood legal services as
well since we cannot afford an attorney right now. I am disabled and my
wife is on short term disability due to illness and now this. Any input
on this company would be appreciated.


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