Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Contemplating Suicide over Debt because of Edible Arrangements Franchise Agreement, Robert Paisola Responds


I found your site while researching North Carolina law and the responsibility of surviving relatives. I am at the end, seriously contemplating suicide because I do not know what to do.

I am 52, single/divorced living with my Mother and two daughters. I have 3 children aged 24, 24 and 20 that I raised since ages 5 & 18 since my former was gay. I am an RN for 30 years, successful in the case management field.

I created a life plan for age 50-sell my home in NJ in 2005 was a great time and I made a good profit, moved to NC and my mom moved with me, bought an Edible arrangements franchise and opened in Hendersonville NC.

My Moms health became worse, and the franchise is growing but I am at a point entering the 3rd year that I have not broken even, am in serious debt, the franchsior is only interested in $ (I am on a steering committee to organize franchisees and we have hired Robert Zarco to represent us-there are many issues),
I live on my moms SS money, worked last year in addition to running the store, my son defaulted on his car loan of which I cosigned,.........

I am at my wits end---I owe the state of NC 10,315.00 and I must call them Monday to discuss how to handle this or they will take legal action, I have tried unsuccessfully to sell, corporate does not answer my emails, I have no $ to get ready to Valentines Day, I run the store with only 2 people........I feel I have done all I can. My Uncle has helped me............................

So, I honestly do not want to end my life but I see no other option. I would be ok if the store sold even to pay off my debts...........but that will not happen.

Please help me


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