Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Medical Bill Drives Consumer to Hell, Robert Paisola Responds

Hi there...

I cam across some advice that was provided by Robert Paisola on the website. He also lists this email address for questions on any issues people may need help with so here is my story.

My name is Lidia and I am in need of some advise on my situation. I have a medical bill collection on all three of my credit reports. .

I was insured at the time and the doctor waited one year after the date of service to submit to my insurance company. Since the insurance company received the doctors billing a year after the date of service, they denied payment to the provider. I also contacted my former employers HR department who stated that this bill is not my responsibility and that the doctor needs to write off the debt since they did no submit to the insurance company within the time frame they are allowed after the date of service.

The doctor has sent this to collection and it has prevented me from getting new credit. The doctor did perform services, however in reviewing the bill it looks like they have double billed me for services.

My report shows that I owe then close to $9,000.00. Not that my report is great, but getting this collection off would bring my score up significantly. I contact my the insurance company that I had coverage with at the time and they informed my that all I had to do was submit an appeal in writing, which I did both by fax and email.

To date, nothing has been done to remove this off of my credit report and I get the run around each time I call to follow up on the status. I am so frustrated, that I do not know what other steps I can take to get this removed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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