Wednesday, February 06, 2008

GC Services: A Complete Mess, by Robert Paisola


My name is Michelle and I am having issues with GC Services. I received a phone call on 01/31/2008 by a Jill Rogers (1-800-926-3136 x 3049) demanding payment in full on my delinquent American Express Account by 3:00 Central Time. She left me a voice message at 11:22 - pacific time - at my office and said I had to speak to her before 12 pm. She left the same message at a number of a relative that I have never given to anyone. I was able to call back before noon and speak to Jill. She was very calm and stated she understood my position as a real estate appraiser in this market. She said unfortunately for me, she received my case just this morning (January 31, 2008) and since it was the last day of the month, American Express is demanding that my debt be paid in full, $32,800, and I had to have it done by 3 pm central time, within 1 hour or they will have judgment against me. I was floored. I have never ever been late on any of my bills. I was 2 months late with American Express and this was the first time I have ever been in this position. I didn't have time to research, or didn't know who to talk to about doing the right thing. Jill Rogers then told me that she could get me a line of credit for $50,000 with Bank of America since I had a good credit report, and this has not been reported even as a 30 day late. She said she does it all the time, there was no problem for me to get the loan. The only thing is that it takes 7-10 days for the funds to appear in the account which was too late for the judgment. She asked if there was anyone I could borrow money from to pay off the debt. She asked me to make some calls to get the money. Judgment happened at 3 pm. She said if I couldn't get the full amount, just get as much as I could and she would ask for an extension. She said that when I got the Bank of America line of credit that I would be able to pay off this account and the person that I borrowed the money from, and pay off other debt too. I asked her again about my ability to get the loan and she reassured me that it was no problem. Thinking that this debt would be paid off in full and it would all go away, I was able to borrow $10,000 and have it transferred into a bank account that I never use. I called Jill back and told her I had the funds. She said that they had to be verified before she could ask for the extension. She passed me to another lady that called my bank with me on the line. I gave them my account number and the bank verified the funds. After that, the lady asked if I had a payment plan scheduled. I told her that Jill was going to get me a loan thru Bank of America. She said that was between me and Jill and hung up. I called Jill back to see about the line of credit and what I need to do. She gave me the cold shoulder and told me to wait until she calls back on Monday 02/04/2008. She needed to have the credit of $10,000 show up and it would look better for the loan. It would take a couple of days. She never called back on Monday 2/04/2008. I was talking to a gentleman today and he informed about the FDCP act and that this women violated it. What she did was a scam and I fell for it. I kind of figured that out after I researched what had happened on the internet over the weekend. Fortunately for me, the $10,000 was still in my account when I checked this afternoon. I accidentally given them the wrong account number from my check for the bank check by phone, but gave the right account number when I was on the phone with my bank for verification. I was able to give the money back to the person I borrowed it from. Now, GC Services defiantly falsely implied that the non-payment of debt by 3:00 pm central time Jan. 31,2008 would result in a judgment. She also mislead me that I would get a loan with Bank of America and demanded that I find someone to borrow money from to pay the debt in full.. all within 1 hour. I have not talked to GC Services since the 01/31/2008. I don't know what to tell them. They won't be to happy with me when they can't get the $10,000. Help !! I don't think they will be too friendly and willing to assist me after this. I don't know what to do. Please help ASAP !

Thank you for your time,



Anonymous said...

I just got a call today, March 31, 2008 from a Jill Rogers looking for Sally. The message said, "Sally, if this is your number, please give me a call. It's pretty urgent. It's about a relative."

I've gotten numerous calls looking for "Sally" and when I say they've gotten the wrong number, they try to solicit a donation. So it's one of those scams.

I am not calling the number and I really want to report this scam to someone, that's why I looked for the 800 number online. Yes, this is a scam, people! BEWARE!!!

M said...

Hi Michelle, I'm currently dealing with the same situation. I got the same call (the call to the relative) and she demanded the money, i was able to pay the 10k and now she is asking for the rest. Can you please let me know what you did to resolve this issue? Please if you can email me at i would really appreciate that. Or anyone that has dealt with this kind of situation. Thanks