Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Letter from John Brewington- Robert Paisola Responds

Hello to all of our readers around the world. Today has been an incredible day at Western Capital as we continue to work on the plans for the hospital that we are preparing to make possible for the people of Mexico.

We have spent three years on this project and it is finally coming to fruition.

To those of you who do not know, there are a few people in this country that do not support our mission, passion or commitment to change the American Penal Landscape. Among those people are Bill "Billie Bauer" ,John Brewington, a private investigator in Arizona who absolutely detests everything we stand for and a few others.

Well, this evening, we received a letter from Mr. John F. Brewington, and we feel that you deserve to see what type of opposition and judgment that we have to deal with AND at the same time focus on our long term goals of truly creating world change.

For the record, this is an unedited and non-redacted version of Mr. Brewington's letter.

From: John F. Brewington []
Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2008 6:16 PM
Subject: Life


I have been very busy and haven't had time to respond to you from the last email. I wonder if you realize that Rachel filed a complaint against you with the Center for Missing and Exploited Children? While I believe you are capable of all sorts of wrongs, it hasn't escaped my attention that this may just be a person striking out at someone she has issues with. Using the internet as a weapon of choice, something you know about. Of course your keen interest in escorts has been observed maybe she has a real reason to roll over on you, metiphorically speaking.

Your trial is coming up very soon and you will be going back to prison. The question is will you be banned from the internet forever. Whether you know it or not that would be the best thing for you. Keep you out of the cross hairs of guys like me, the press and LE. You can actually work at Jiffy Jube or Macdonalds and with your talents create something you can be proud of and develop of healthy self esteem. You are what you are.

Next time you post on the Rip Off Report consider the consequences. These two stories have done far more damage to you two than anything you can possibly come up with.

I have advised you before and I suggest again. Go back and fix some of the things you have done. You can't ask for mercy till you give it. Plus you're going to need something to show the judge at your sentencing.

John Brewington PI
JFB Acquisitions
AZ PI 1551859
International Association of Commercial Collectors
National Association of Investigative Specialists
Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators

Our Reply to Mr Brewington:

Salt Lake City, Utah
January 9, 2008

Hey John,

Thanks for writing to me. I appreciate the time you have taken to write to me. I have no ill feelings against Ms Guyon and as far as the filing of a complaint with the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, I am wondering who she is thinking may be missing. She is just a girl that has issues, but does not everyone?

Regarding the trial, We have a great defense group and I feel that the court will be fair as the issues surround data that was submitted that was not correct. We have talked to many people on this issue and have come to the joint conclusion that my registrations were not wanton disregard for the law, but data that was incorrectly filed, like the zip code issue and the Mail Box address mix up.

As far as having to go to prison, that is not a reality at this point, as we have reached an agreement that takes care of all of the pending issues. I truly believe that all of the calls and letters to the courts from my clients around the nation who are in support of me and my agenda have helped.

You are right, that there are people like yourself and Bill Bauer and Steven Dark that I will never be able to prove change to, so to those, I simply can only ask you to look at my successes at this time.

Yes, there is a possibility that I could spend some time in county jail for the registration issue, however, if the judge feels that is the best interest of the situation then I will simply do the time.

My advocates around the nation are very vocal and I am assisting many people. I have another pending book deal and a movie is in the works. All because of the public stance that I have taken on offender reform.

As far as the rip off report, I have no control what Ed does in his magical world. I have moved on to bigger and better things.

So, I will deal with the cards of life as they fall and I always am up front with my clients and the people I assist, however, they say time and time again… we could care less what happened 10 years ago, and if I need to spend a few months in a county jail, then that is what I will do. But you can better believe that my publisher in New York will be taking care of me….just like most people that truly get to know me.

So no, I do not think that I will be working at a jiffy lube or a Mc Donalds, as I have so much to offer this world that we live in. And the good news is that I am 100 percent open about everything, and in America, people respect and honor that. That establishes trust and SHOWS that I am absolutely clear on my mission of helping the less fortunate. Just look at the work that we have done on the Rick Koerber and Franklin Squires Projects. Look at the other foundations that we are now aligned with. Look at the constant investigative data that we provide to stop this abuse that is going on. People DO see past the past, John.

In conclusion, let me state that the courts around the nation have looked at the reasonableness of devoiding someone the right to access what is essentially the worlds communication system, the internet, and even the supreme court has chimed in on this issue, and a ruling like that id outside the bounds of reasonableness, in today’s world, especially when I am living in an internet environment.

I am going to post this commentary on the blogs as well as your letter. I think that it will give people direct insight as to the reasons that you have chosen to take two years to pursue me, just go back and re-read the letter (that we will also post for our readers) that you wrote to the Utah Attorney General.

A simple posting on the Rip Off Report…. And all you had to do was call and it could have been resolved in two days.

John, I wish you the absolute best that life has to offer. I wish you success in all that you do and I have absolutely no ill will feelings toward you or your loved ones.

I am sure I will see you at the trial..

With Warmest Regards,

Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Foundation


ED said...

John Brewington is a nasty fellow.

ED said...

John is a nasty, nasty fellow. Dealt with him on numerous occasions.