Monday, February 11, 2008

John Brewington Responds- The Unforgivable PI- Posted by Robert Paisola

Good Morning to our friends and readers around the world:

We have received your emails over the weekend about our recent posting by Mr. John Brewington regarding our mission and vision. Thank you for all of your support!

This morning we could not believe what Mr. Brewington said again! There is no way to describe his letter, so we are going to repost it on this and on the other international websites, as you, our readers deserve to read this.

Moving forward, we are not going to respond to any commentary that is contributed by John Brewington, the Arizona Private Investigator. This will be the final post and this, if anything gives you, the reader, the full picture with this man.

Copied in its entirety (with no spelling changes made)

You?re delusional. No one pays attention to the drivel you write. Posting on Blogs and websites for you is a fear devise and I am not afraid. Enough information about you and yours has been disseminated to cast a cloud over anything that you say. No one has ever said anything to me about the posts you made about me on the ROR. You guys provide a great opportunity for me to get my message out.

This is nothing more that Robert Paisola?s Medicine Show! Come one come all and drink the elixir that will lull you into a stupor and allow me to steal your wallets and innocence. The masses aren?t fooled. You are your own worst enemy because you draw attention to you and that isn?t a marketable commodity.

You have tried hard to project the image of being a changed man but I doubt anyone?s fooled. You have been trolling for escorts recently and expressing that you have a strong dislike for law enforcement. That may not be a bright thing to say in your present circumstances. I?m sure the AGs office is impressed.

It hasn?t been missed the post about you on the ROR is not being indexed. And as you may know part of the emails have been submitted as exhibits in the Whitney case. Your posts about me on ROR have done nothing except draw attention from those that I want to see it. A pattern and practice from a reformed man and his associates.

A changed man? Your recent spinning of the possessing of child pornography as 4 artful pictures doesn?t match up to the US Customs Departments images. Horrific is how it should be described. Your recent theft of copy written material and web pages is not the actions of a changed man. The forgery of certificates to show membership in an organization that won?t have you. The purchase of Stephen Darks, mine and other domain names do not seem to be the work of a benevolent creature. Still today your high school alumni refer to you as ?creepy? and woman clearly have chills running up their spines at the mention of your name.

I can?t help but notice that you haven?t cc?d the legal counsel for CCNLegal. How odd. You guys use the internet to try and force others to comply with your demands yet are greatly affected by what is written about you, still you go on and on trying to make us afraid.

There doesn?t seem to be one expression of remorse coming from you but of course a person would have to understand that what they have done is wrong. Sociopaths don?t get it. A changed man? Try going back and fixing some of the damage you have done. Why would you expect to be treated differently than the way you treat others?

It wasn?t so long ago that you were posting minor female ?friends? on your sexually suggestive Myspace. That fact that you don?t get how inappropriate that is for any adult let alone someone on a sex offender?s site is frightening. You clearly have impulse issues that you can?t control which in some ways are good because we rely on that to profile you and yours.

Much of the real damage that may occur is that there are real issues that need an advocate. Attaching your moniker to them detracts from the need of someone to get involved. You are Kryptonite and the poster boy for recidivism. Any person convicted of a crime that has turned their life around has been affected by your actions. There are no short cuts. Go back and fix what you have done.

John Brewington

So there you have it! Can you only imagine what a world we would live in if you too, also were judged like this.

God bless you Mr. Brewington,

Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Foundation

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