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Allied Interstate or Gods Minister- Who will ALWAYS Win- Our Savior will Protect us from The Eviel Ways of Allied Interstate, By Robert Paisola

Dear Mr. Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Foundation
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

To my shame I have found myself in the deplorable situation of having released probably around $800.00 via a monthly payment plan to these people. Ask anyone I cannot intimidate me...under normal circumstances. My philosophy is "You can only intimidate someone who has the capability of being afraid...and I'm not the one!"

Unfortunately, these people caught me at a very vulnerable time of life, when:
My husband had just suffered a ruptured aneurysm in his brain, died, came back and survived but is disabled
My eldest son was deployed to Afghanistan
My mother-in-law (the only mother I have left) was placed in Hospice
I was the primary care-giver to both she and my husband
No outside income
STILL waiting on my husband's approval for disability
and the stress caused me to suffer a number of mini-strokes
Within a few days of my "episodes" was when they chose to call me for the first the same disrespectful, demanding, threatening way as those others about whom I read today, with threats of law suits, garnishesment of wages (to which I rather gleefully cackled!) and demands for my personal and banking information information.

I was intimidated. I was scared. I was just tired. So I made the arrangements to pay the debt I knew I owed (education loan).

I spoke with a number of people (and incidentally, 'Nicole' on your taped session sounded suspiciously like the 'Kelly' with whom I spoke at one point) and collected numerous phone numbers. Most of those were deleted from my cell phone when I would reach a 'no longer available' (among others) message.

Well, here it is Feb. 2008, and I'm awaiting all the 1099's I am supposed to be getting so that I can file my taxes. The payments I was making to Allied were supposed to be on the interest on that education loan...a possible deduction on my taxes. So I called the last number I had: 888-301-0053.

It rings...then goes directly to a busy signal. I have been calling this particular number since Wednesday, 2/13/08.

I decided to go online and request this form. Surprise! Have you ever been on one of the "About" sites? That's all their site is, is a directory that leads to anyone and everyone EXCEPT their offices! That was , the URL I was given several months ago when I first started dealing with them back in July of 2007.

At $110 (plus a few extra for fees maybe?) per month, that is a grand toal of $770.00(+).

Today I decided to Google them (nearly a year later than I should have done) and BBB them (ditto) and, guess what?

SURPRISE! I found your site.

Well, about 2 hours ago, I contacted my Bank of America customer service. You know how the nicer reps will listen to your tales of woe and "tsk tsk" when you get emotional? She didn't. She asked questions...and then she said to contact the original creditor and find out if the moneys were actually paid to them...and if they weren't, go in to my bank and give them the story, that Bank of America would be happy to take it from there.

Sounds to me like I'm not the only one to call in to cancel auto-pay to Allied. Anyway, I wound up cancelling my bank card and requesting a new one.

I'm also considering requesting a new SSN. I understand that in certain cases that can be done.

Allied gets not one more dime. And I can only hope that Sallie Mae got my payments.

Put that little story in your files if you'd like!

Rev. Peggy L. Pearl-Kirkby

Another Message from on Allied Interstate Collections
Dear Mr. Paisola

I had occasion to Google Allied Interstate (gee, wonder why... ) and wound up on your mycollector website.

After zinging through and listening to all 48 wonderful minutes on the phone with "Nicole" (who, incidentally sure sounded exactly like the "Kelly" I spoke with at one point), I started taking care of business, as it were! No answer to the last phone number I had for these nincompoops, a website that is nothing more than a directory to anything BUT their offices and a phone call to my bank to cancel a card.

I did email you from that site, but when I went back after my morning's toils, I noted that the last date on any of the articles was no more recent than June '07. Of course from there I did find your MySpace presence, thank goodness!

I'm just wondering if there are any, more recent, updates to the Allied Interstate....... thing. And I hope you still check your email from that site.

Could you let me know please?

Rev. Peggy L. Pearl-Kirkby
Led by Grace Ministries
http://ledbygrace. tripod. com

and on MySpace:
http://myspace. com/revcici

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