Thursday, March 27, 2008

Attractive People Inspire More Teamwork, By Donald J. Trump, Posted by Robert Paisola

If you are running a business or even conducting a meeting, here’s the ticket to success. Have a lot of attractive people around.

New research proves that people naturally work harder when they’re around a good-looking person. There’s an inherent desire to be near beautiful people and to please them. So when an attractive person asks for help, most people will jump at the opportunity.

Apparently that’s why football teams with handsome quarterbacks tend to be so successful. And, in office environments, that’s why bosses are smart when they put a great-looking man or woman in charge of leading an important project.

We already knew that better-looking people tend to be promoted at a faster rate and often get hired with larger salaries than their more average-looking counterparts. Now we know that they often inspire their coworkers to put in the extra effort and to work harder.

I always liked the idea of surrounding myself with very talented people who also happen to be very attractive. Now I know I’ve been on to something all along. But I’ve also been around plenty of average-looking people who have done a great job too. So I’m guessing that looks, honestly, don’t mean all that much.

Donald J. Trump is Chairman of Trump University.

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