Thursday, March 27, 2008

Unifund Strikes Again... Join the Class Action List, by Robert Paisola

Hi Robert Paisola:
I did a lot of research on and everything pointed to this site. I hope I am not wasting your time
but I had to vent and I didn't know where to turn.
Last week some very large rude man came to my door and handed me three sheets of paper.
As I read it, I was very upset to read that I have to appear in Court on March 17th to face a suit
by UNIFUND CCR PARTNERS for about $6000.00 before lawyers fees, etc...
This charge stems from the year 1998...I paid on this account in good faith until 2004 when all the sudden the balance had skyrocketted. I called and ask how the balance jumped thousands of dollars and not one
person could respond. For years they have been calling me on this card and for years all I have been asking them if for proof of what I OWE for. They always told me that the card was so old and they could not come up with the proof. I sent letters and asked for explanations but never head back until I received this summons to appear in court. When I called the law office in the St Louis area that must be representing
this UNIFUND and asked them what would happen if I didn't appear in court they told me that their
would be a "default in judgement" and they could garnish my wages. Can they do this? I have no problem appearing in court but I work and I just cant take off work at last minute notice.
All I ask is for proof of all these charges they claim I owe and all they can tell me is that I paid through 2004 but they cant give me proof of charges.
I'm very upset and very scared. What should I do?
Thanks for your advice.

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