Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nationwide Credit and American Express, Will they ever be stopped! Posted by Robert Paisola

Watch the Live Video of American Express and Nationwide Credit Abuse at

Mr. Robert Paisola,

We have been contacted by Nationwide (among other creditors) in regards too current debts. We have over 100k in credit card debts due to a suffering business with about 40k with American Express. I have yet to contact them, as I usually do research on the company. They have been contacting me at my home and at my office (I took a full time job in order to make my mortgage payment) numerous times a day and I have not received a 30 day validation notice. In addition, I have received calls from CollectCorp collecting on an American Express business account and based on your NCI recorded call I feel my rights have been violated with comments like "ask your family, get a loan, ask your wife". I have since set them a cease and deceased letter as they have gotten abusive and contacting me at work numerous times.

I am wonder if you can offer any assistance.... most of my credit card debts are 4 - 5 months behind.

Thank you,


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