Thursday, March 27, 2008

Midland Credit Management, At it again! by Robert Paisola

Hello Robert,

I have a situation with my credit report. I was able to move it up to a FAIR rating but I want to go higher. Currently there is an account that was listed as a Charge Off but MCM, Midland Credit Management, is still trying to collect on it. If it’s legit, fine, I’ll pay the settlement, but here’s where I have a problem:

1. It shows up on my credit report on five separate lines, all with different amounts.
2. I just called to confirm the settlement offer and initially the rep told me there was no such settlement on file. When I gave her the date I received the letter (just last week), she put me on hold and came back online and all of a sudden she was able to find it.

Question is do I have to pay on a Charge Off account?

Also, I make child support payments regularly and I have made them regularly for years. Still, my current credit report shows that I’m 60 days late several times on my report. How can I resolve this?

I would like to clear up all of the negative reports. Luckily, Bank of America sent me a 3-in-1 report that even gives me my credit score. Please assist in any way possible. I’m due to pay MCM by the end of the month.



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