Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nationwide Credit and American Express, Will they ever be stopped! Posted by Robert Paisola

Mr. Paisola,
I lost my job in January and unfortunatelyu am going through a divorce. I owe 7k to american express which is now 120 days past due. I was a loyal customer for 7 years. As of today, they called my future ex-wife's parents house and threatened to file criminal charges against her and me. My wife has her own american express account. Over a year ago, I added her as a supplemental card holder but we decided never to activate or use the card and I threw the card away(can she be held responsible?)-she also called american express at the e and said she wanted off that account(this was when it was in good standing and we were married).

Is there anything I can do?"I'm trying everything to get a good job to pay it off. should I call them? I've yet to contact them


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