Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nationwide Credit and American Express, Will they ever be stopped..Again!! Posted by Robert Paisola

Dear Mr. Robert Paisola

I yesterday got a phone call from Nationwide Collections regarding our american express credit card account. My mother is primary card holder.
She had been in weekly touch with the american express collection department, who had promised they would not out source our account to a collection agency. The end of last month we received a new credit card and transferred American Express $2000. They no longer return my Mother's calls. We have tried to refinance our homes, we have applied for everything we can think of to pay this debt.

My mother who is retired has managed to come up with another $2100 over 3 months toward this. We have currently made an arrangement with Nationwide Collections that we will pay $2300 by the 27th. I am a Realtor, if my closing goes through this week, where will not be a problem meeting this date. But it will become a problem if my clients loan does not come through. I am at the mercy of the current loan issues.

I gather from the phone call I listened to that they are not allowed to tell us we have to go to someone else and apply for a loan. The other question I have is they were able to tell me that my mother had credit cards with available balances that could be used to cover all or part of the debt. Are they allowed to have this information? and Are they allowed to tell me this information as I am not my mother? Their information was also 2 weeks old, because one of the cards they mentioned was the new one we received which we did pay $2000 of the bill with.

What can I do?


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