Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nationwide Credit and American Express, Will they ever be stopped..Again!! Posted by Robert Paisola

Dear Robert Paisola

My name is Victoria . I am 52 years old and live in Texas. I googled Nationwide Credit and somehow ended up on your website. I have had the misfortune of having been contacted by Nationwide Credit yesterday March 18, 2008 as a result of approximately $14,000 I owe American Express. I don't dispute that I owe American Express, I have been making $300 to $350 payments per month. I have records from American Express to verify this. Nationwide has informed that they now have my American Express account and that I must pay them $14,000 in full or at least 80% of the $14,000. They informed me that they would need to investigate if I have any equity on my home (I'm actually upside down) as well as my 401K retirement account. I'm assuming that they will take my home and retirment money, which is only about $5,000. They informed me that I should go to my bank or Citifinancial, who I have done business with in the past, to get a loan to pay off my debt. They told me that it was obvious that I was refusing to take care of my debt, but I want to pay my debt. They have given me untill today, March 19, 2008 by 8:00pm CT to tell them how I will pay my debt. I have repeatedly informed them that I am unable to obtain a loan, and assured them that I was more than willing to accept my responsibility to pay this debt. I offered to pay $300.00 per month. They attacked me personally by saying that I should have thought about my inability to pay before I used the (AmEx) credit card. (Last year I had health issues that resulted in 3 surgeries by the year's end. I'm much better now, except for the worry and stress that this situation has caused me at home and work.) They also stated that if I did not pay at least the 80% that they will take legal action. I have asked them not to call me during normal work hours. I know this is short notice, but I need immediate advise. I can be called at (XXX

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