Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thank You Robert Paisola

Dear Robert Paisola,

I attempted to e-mail you the other day but I wasn't sure that it went thru and so if you receive two thank you notes from me,please don't think that I have completely lost my mind. I really want you to know know how much better it makes me feel to have someone in my corner. Especially someone of your stature!

I feel very honored that you took the time to listen to me and then come to my rescue! Chivalry is not dead ! You are certainly proof of that .It is very easy to become a victim of the creditors in the sense of feeling bad about yourself. You tend to begin seeing yourself as they portray you. Thank You so much for your help and also the kind words of encouragement. You are a wonderful person and truly a God send. I was so stunned the other day that I am not sure if you told me to let you know if and when I received any papers.

Just in case,I will let you know. Perhaps one day I will have an opportunity to return your generosity. Let me know when I could talk to you on another matter that I would love to have your advice on. It is something that has the potential to really change my life financially,but is of a sensitive nature that I have been advised not to discuss on the internet.

Thanks again,


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