Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Covering the Worlds Coverage - The New World Media, by Robert Paisola, Election 2008

Your News Coverage Team, Live from Salt Lake City, Utah ; Dr. RG Williams, Steve Cloward and Robert Paisola

Robert Paisola for CNN I Report, Live from the Utah Republican Party Headquarters

Robert Paisola with ABC News

Steve Cloward with BANDS FOR FREEDOM Recipient

Robert Paisola broadcasting Live Via Satellite to the World

Robert Paisola, Steve Cloward and Dr. RG Williams with the Rob Bishop Campaign Staff

Robert Paisola Reporting Live

Steve Cloward and Robert Paisola with Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

Robert Paisola with Senator Orrin Hatch (R) Utah 2008

Robert Paisola with Senator Robert Bennett (R) Utah

Fifteen years ago, you had three choices, ABC, NBC or CBS. This was the way Americans got their news handed to them.

That is all different today.

Covering the 2008 Election Campaign as a blogger, journalist and CNN I Reporter, presented many open doors that have been previously considered closed and hidden to the average American Citizen.

The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah was the host to the local and national media, both traditional and non- traditional, covering the Utah Republican Party Election Campaign Results Live. And we were there!

The results of the election were all the same and the information was equally avaliable to all the media, including myself, Robert Paisola, however the way the information was delivered by our dedicated team at such warp speed to a worldwide audience on the CNN Network and the Wire Services top whom we report, often called "New Media Journalism" gave even the most seasoned journalist cause to wonder.... How is this possible?

"Don't you have to have that approved by your Editorial Committee?" she said.

As a reporter with a local National Public Radio Station stated, she was completely astounded that we could take photos and video and immediately post them online to sites such as CNN. This was completely foreign in her world, but this is the world that we rule, the world of the NOW GENERATION!

We were also approached by some of the top names in news. We were asked by a national Network Affiliate how we liked what we were doing. "Awesome, we said" and we do not get paid a dime! You could feel the tension... or was it jealousy?

Welcome to the era of Citizen Journalism. The era where YOU have the ability to take a stand on an issue and have your voice broadcast around the WORLD in minutes. No longer are you stuck watching your local Affiliate dictate carefully crafted words in order to make sure that they remain "in the bounds of the stations predicated ideology"

You, as a citizen journalist, have the entire worlds attention at your fingertips and all it takes is the desire, a little bit of money for equipment, and the ability to accept nothing less than full equality in the media circles where you circulate to make it happen.

Tonight was our night to shine and that is exactly what we did.

We sat at the same media tables that ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX used.

We had the same equipment, (many times ours was even better), and we had the desire and ability to simply MAKE IT HAPPEN.

We will tell you that the State that we were covering on this particular night was the State of Utah. We will also tell you that Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and Attorney General Mark Shurtleff both easily coasted to re-election ,along with one of our favorites, the new Utah House Representative, Jason Chavez, who kicked his opponents butt!

So, welcome to the world of new media, and welcome to the world where anything is possible. We hope you enjoy the videos and photos that we took, because we are very proud to have been part of this historic process. And you can count on us to be there giving you the facts 24 hours a day... just the way you deserve your news.

This, my friends is only the beginning!

Oh, and that reporter with that large television station that asked if we were hiring....nope.... we do it all for free, because WE CAN!

Reporting Live from Salt Lake City, Utah for CNN I Report, Associated Content, The New York Times TV Decoder, and the MSNBC Citizen Journalist Campaign , this is Robert Paisola Reporting LIVE from Salt Lake City, Utah

Robert Paisola, CEO,
Western Capital Multimedia