Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Legislative Process in Utah, Lets Take Another Look! Posted by Robert Paisola

And You Wonder why GOOD PEOPLE will not even DEAL with the political sysyem in Utah..

20 days before early voting began in 2008, Utah State Rep. Greg Hughes was hit with a politically-motivated smear campaign.

The attack was consistent with what has happened in other states, and seems to be a growing trend among left-wing activists. The formula is simple: make last-minute allegations of ethical wrongdoing; grab the headlines; drive your opponents approval ratings down; steal the election.

By the time the charges are cleared, it is often too late.

This video is the story of one such attack in the Salt Lake County suburb of Draper, Utah. According to records that were revealed during the investigation into these allegations, the architect of the attack was none other than the single largest donor to Rep. Hughes' political opponent, who also has served as his opponent's family attorney.

In this case, Rep. Hughes fought back and despite dealing with a committee that allowed all forms of hearsay evidence, with no ability to cross examine witnesses, and one that was controlled by a majority of lawmakers opposed to his position on school choice, he was cleared.

Rep. Hughes accusers could not even get the four Democrats on the committee to find him guilty of the primary charge of bribing a fellow colleague.

It was the ultimate October Surprise.

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