Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Concluding Word From Robert Paisola on 2010

To our many friends, clients, associates and employees around the Globe, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what we all have experienced in 2010 and how it has effected you and some of the work that we have been involved in.

As I write this commentary to you, my great  friends, the first word that comes to mind is the word "Chaos". Our country has never experienced this type of financial shift since the great depression.  Every day we receive your emails and horror stories of what you are going through. I want you to know that as the President and CEO of Western Capital, we are fighting the battle for justice on many fronts.  There are many cases that we simply can not take on, as we too, are being pulled in all different directions.

The Western Capital VIP Program has experienced much success as we have taken on the titans of Corporate America. We now have facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada so that we may continue to combat the timeshare industries, the illegal homeowner associations, the illegal conduct of automobile repossession companies such as IGS Nevada, and our "Put the RepoMan in jail Campaign, as well as our debtors revolt against Bank of America, as well as the illegal conduct of the administrators of our Criminal Justice System, The Harry Blausey Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit out of Newark Ohio, and the many other battles that we take on.

One thing that I know is that we are creating change on a worldwide basis, and because of our "take no prisoners" attitude, we are winning the battle on all fronts.  Our Prison Partners Initiative is working. We are working closely with members of Congress and groups such as the November Coalition and FAMM (Families against Mandatory Minimums) to stop the injustice against the African American Population regarding the Crack Cocaine Disparity in Criminal Sentencing. We are watching in awe, as people like Bruce Poon Tip, the CEO of GAP Adventures, can stick his head in the sand, as they ran a ship into an ice glacier, expecting no consequences. That case is in Federal Court now, and my sister was a victim.  We are seeing evidence that our involvement in the timeshare "double deeding issue" is being noticed by the FBI and people like Artie Spector and David Siegel are going to prison.  We know that "Slumlords" like M. Aaron Yashouafar of Milbank Properties are finally being outed by our never ending battle to show America the injustice that has been created around the Nation by on man. We will see him in Federal Prison.

There have been some good moments to reflect upon as we think about 2011, and one of the greatest is the dynamic success of The Western Capital Multimedia Division.   Our success at has given us much admiration around the world.  All we can say is you have not seen anything yet!

I have been blessed beyond measure, and it is the continued support of people like you, who watch what we do very carefully, that we are able to produce the results that we do, day in and day out.

We at Western Capital wish you the best holiday season, and as we always say... Look at our Results.

With Deepest Love and Respect

Robert Paisola

Chief Executive Officer 
The Western Capital Family of Companies

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