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It's Rock and Roll Time for Westgate Resorts- CLASS ACTION BOYS, Robert Paisola Reports Live

This is an Official 2012 Western Capital VIP Announcement on 
Westgate Resorts and David Siegel

Updated April 26, 2012
Comments from YOU on Westgate Resorts 
and the Westgate Resorts Bankruptcy 2012

Hi Mr.Robert Paisola,,
I found your site while trying to find some way to get in touch with Westgate Corp. office. It seems that I can't talk to anyone so I thought that maybe you could direct me to the right website or provide me with an email address to send to David Siegel. I'll just show you what I wrote on my survey after my family stayed there in Orlando at the Westgate Town Center. I doubt it will even be read and would like to get it to someone who gives a crap! I am so glad that I did not buy any timeshare at our tour!!! Here it is and if you have any info as to where I might get this in the right hands I would appreciate it very much!
Thanks and have a blessed day!
(Client Data Protected for Litigation)

My note to Westgate...


While we were at Westgate Town Center we had a horrible experience. The 3rd day we were there I called the Westgate park ticket sales office and purchased 1 Disney park ticket for a friend that was flying in that evening.( I had already purchased 15 magic touch tickets at 188.00 each) I was lied to about what time that I could pick that ticket up, lets just say it was hell trying to get my paid for ticket, plus the agent that I talked to said they were discounted!
 No... they were $4.00  more than the park price.I have a large family and my husband and I had planned this vacation for 7 months. My husband and I paid for all of our children (6), their spouses (2), grand children(3) and( 2) therapeutic foster children, to have a wonderful vacation and memories  to last a lifetime.
However... what does stick in our and their minds the most are... that maid service came to our room (or someone) and made up some of the beds took some of the trash, stole 15 flexiril muscle relaxers from my son in law, went through my daughter inlaws purse.
( WE DID NOT REQUEST ROOM CLEANING). We had came back to our 4 bedroom condo in the afternoon to rest before going back to the park that night only to find that this had happened. We called security, finally after waiting 30 min they showed up and said that they would make a report and that they could tell who had been in our room  according to what card was swiped. We then left around 6:00pm to go back to the park. Well we got back at 1:30am and my children took the stairs( I took the elevator) and my husband was parking our van.
Our unit was 5131 , so we were on the 3rd floor. When I got off the elevator, my kids, grand kids, 2 yrs to 31 yrs were standing in front of our unit  and I could tell something was very wrong! I got to our unit and my family was looking at HUMAN FECES laying on the mat at our door with a plastic bag   next to it with more HUMAN FECES IN IT!!! 

My children were flipping out. My husband was still trying to find a parking space and I called the resort and ask for security, of which they connected me.. The man that answered was told about what had happened with the break in earlier that day and now about the human crap at our door. 
His response was " Well what do you want me to do about it?"
I told him that I would like for security to come up to our room and go inside to make sure it was SAFE to go in, he then repeated " I don't quite know what you want me to do?" I of course am getting really mad at the idiot that was on the other end of my phone so I told him either someone come had better come as a representative from Westgate or I would call the police
He then said " and what do you think the police can do about it? I then cussed him out and hung up. My husband had just made it to our door and found out all of the above and he called security. He threatened to call the police and they said they would send someone . 16 min later they arrived , at this time we have 16 people sitting on the steps waiting to be able to go in our room
My family was very tired and were had to be up at 6:30am to go to Discovery Cove the next day( we ended up getting 2 hrs sleep that night, our kids were scared to go to sleep in their rooms!) The security man took one look at the Human feces and declared that in fact... it was human, then he chuckled
My husband is a Police Officer and my husband told him that he didn't think that this was funny. I have stayed at Westgate Resorts several times ( my mom owns with Westgate) but I paid $XXXXXXX.00 for our unit , providing we go through a timeshare tour,starting (private court data) because my mom had all of hers booked and I could not get a 4 bedroom on a getaway. Back to the story... 
Finally the top man in security came to our room and he was nice and got houskeeping to come remove the  crap( poor guy} Security is a joke! I told my family ...(well the ones that had never stayed at a Westgate Property) that Westgate was the best and the Town Center was my favorite place to stay for the last 15 years!
 I am so ,so disapointed in the whole experience with Westgate, it was so bad that our kids, young and older ask to leave a day early (April 13) they were sick of the lack of care and concern and they could tell how upset my husband and I were, they just wanted to go home. 
Sad... because vacations should be so fun that you don't want to leave or can't wait to come back!! I tried to talk to several managers and finally talked to ? can't think of his name right now but I have it. 
He did agree to refund $XXXXXX.00 (XXX night rental) and that was nice, but we feel that at least half  if not all of the rental fee should have been refunded, especially since while we were there we found out through another guest that for the building your staying in, you can actually take your room card and scan it really fast in ANY DOOR AND IT WOULD OPEN!! I TRIED IT ON THE ROOM NEXT DOOR AND IT DID INDEED OPEN!!! NOT GOOD!! I told the manager that if he thought that we had problems that week, that he had not seen anything yet to the problems that Westgate would have if people found out that there was a malfunction on their security system and anyone could get into any room!! 
The manager called me back after we had arrived home and stated that it was true and that they had tried the room under ours on the 2nd floor and it opened with some other persons room key!!! and that they needed to fix the problem ASAP!! 
This could go on and on because there is more that happened and quite frankly I am still in shock that I am writing this at all!! Like I said Westgate has never failed me or my family.... until now...and thats a sad and disappointing day! I would never consider buying at this Westgate or maybe any, for lack of security alone!
Mr. Robert Paisola, please add this to your national blog on Westgate Resorts to warn others.
(Name Held for Litigation)
Are you also a Victim of Westgate Resorts and David Siegel?
Contact us now before it is to late at
EMAIL) and call 1-877-517-9555. 



PHOTO TAKEN 4-25-2012
In light of the reports of Consolidated Resorts in Las Vegas filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and the impact the financial crisis has had on the timeshare industry in general, I received the following email.
I have a question. I bought a timeshare (Planet Hollywood – Westgate) in Las Vegas.  If the developer/investor files bankruptcy, do I lose all the money that I paid?
The reader should rest easy, specifically when it comes to Westgate, and in general when almost any developer goes out of business.
As to Westgate considering filing, CEO David Siegel’s response to the Examiner’s inquiry regarding past reports and future speculation: “Bankruptcy is not in our mind or future. Our competitors love to spread false rumors. Not only did Westgate not file in '08, we have never even been in default once during our 30 year history. We are strong, healthy and doing record sales in spite of the crunch.”
In more general terms, while their may be some short term speed bumps for owners in timeshare companies that go out of business, the owners will generally come out relatively unscathed.
It’s not out of the question that in the immediate aftermath of a company shutting down, floating week reservations not yet entered in the system could be lost, staffing could be reduced for a bit.
But in the long run, a substantially sold out program belongs to the owners, and is operated by the owners association.
Bankruptcy is not in our mind or future….we have never even been in default once during our 30 year history. We are strong, healthy and doing record sales in spite of the crunch.”
This is the case with Consolidated, for instance. An insider speaking on background (not an official spokesman) points out that with more than 80% of inventory sold, the owners association is more than stable enough to support the operation of any of their properties in manner that the owners are accustomed to.
Reader “HappyOwner” says it better than I could:
“Well I own a Consolidated timeshare at the Kona Islander Inn on the big island of Hawaii. I love my little condo that I own and get to use every year for a week. My ownership makes me get off my old lazy ass once a year and go to Hawaii. Actually, Consolidated does not own my condo week, I I am not worried about the Consolidated Resorts problem.”
What happens if the resort does not have a critical mass of owners when the developer goes under? In many cases, the property, and the owners already in, will be acquired by a different developer, and become part of that program. Many of the rights and privileges are built into the CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions), the document provided at purchase.
Let’s close with Las Vegas Consololidated owner Frank, who says:
“I own there and I have had much success with it. We just came back from Hawaii and stayed at the Marriot there, total cost for the week at the hotel $164. Tacky are the people who go to these presentations for free stuff. We went there to see the property because we travel a lot and wanted to find a less expensive way to do it. It's not for everybody but it works for us.
Mark is the host of "What's Left" every Thursday at KSCO 1080 AM in Santa Cruz. He is also a producer at the top rated KGO-AM radio in San Francisco, and until recently was the producer of the top-rated Ronn Owens Program. He created a Timeshare column for the San Francisco Examiner newspaper...

Roger the Shrubber wrote:
David was just thinning out the herd. Like him or not, he is a very smart guy. He is not going away any time soon.
Westgate has no front line sales at any resorts. Most of the resorts are not selling at all. He has laid of thousands of employees not hundreds. Every employee has taken about a 35% pay cut and some a lot more. The future is not looking bright for Westgate. They are doing the best they can but that is not enough for the current employees still employed. They have doubled the work loads and cut their pay. The writing is on the wall!!
Another buddy of George Bush. Isn't funny how Bush is leaving office and America is imploding? How about this Jew Madoff? This makes me think of the wealthy Jewish family Pritzkers who bought the Orlando Florida Navy Base(BALDWIN PARK) for next to nothing? They did this with help of Republican Politicians. Look up the sale folks. Is there a Jewish movement in America to run America Society into the ground? How about this Jewish guy in Alabama trying to get Jews to move in hios area? He's paying I believe $50,000 a family to move? Hum. Is this a political move? I say yes. Wake up America. We are under attack. I have been telling you guys for years about the robbing of America. It's now here. And more to come.Strange Bush is leaving office and America is imploding.
What the heck are you rambling about???? I worked for Siegel and he's no Republican. 
The Economy is imploding since the democrats took control of the house and senate 2 years ago....Prior to that we had 6 years of growth even with 2 wars being fought, 9/11, and Katrina.
Give me a break....its collapsing because of Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, and other democrats who gave Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac the greenlight to make loans to those who could not afford it. And the $$$$TRILLIONS$$$$ they are spending now. Get your head out sir!
Corruption in Florida wrote:
Another buddy of George Bush. Isn't funny how Bush is leaving office and America is imploding? How about this Jew Madoff? This makes me think of the wealthy Jewish family Pritzkers who bought the Orlando Florida Navy Base(BALDWIN PARK) for next to nothing? They did this with help of Republican Politicians. Look up the sale folks. Is there a Jewish movement in America to run America Society into the ground? How about this Jewish guy in Alabama trying to get Jews to move in hios area? He's paying I believe $50,000 a family to move? Hum. Is this a political move? I say yes. Wake up America. We are under attack. I have been telling you guys for years about the robbing of America. It's now here. And more to come.Strange Bush is leaving office and America is imploding.

CFI Sales & Marketing Ltd v. Judith A. Parker

 as 11-239
Petitioners: JUDITH A. PARKER, individually and on behalf of other similarly situated, CAROLINE JORDAN, individually and on behalf of other similarly situated, CHRISTOPHER J. DECARO, individually and on behalf of other similarly situated and CHARLES S. WALKER, JR., individually and on behalf of other similarly situated

PHW Las Vegas, LLC v. Westgate Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, LLC et al Has Decisions

 as 2:2011cv01202
Plaintiff: PHW Las Vegas, LLC
Defendants: CFI Resorts Management, Inc., Central Florida Investments, Inc., David A. Siegel, Westgate Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, LLC and Westgate Resorts, LTD.
702) 796-7181 (fax: Westgate Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, LLC
Counter Claimant: Westgate Resorts, LTD.
Counter Defendant: PHW Las Vegas, LLC
Cause Of Action: Breach of Contract

Machusko et al v. Central Florida Investments et al

 as 2:2011cv00366
Plaintiffs: Christopher Machusko  and Kristy Machusko 
Defendants: Central Florida Investments, Westgate Resorts and Sussman-Automatic Corporation  
Cross_claimant: Sussman-Automatic Corporation  
Cross_defendants: Central Florida Investments and Westgate Resorts
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Personal Injury

Parker et al v. CFI Sales & Marketing Ltd et al Has Decisions

 as 4:2011cv00280
Plaintiffs: Judith A Parker , Caroline Jordan , Christopher J DeCaro  and Charles S Walker, Jr 
Defendants: CFI Sales & Marketing Ltd , CFI Sales and Marketing LLC , CFI Resorts Management Inc , David A Siegel , Central Florida Investments Inc  and others
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Notice of Removal

Pittman et al v. Westgate Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, LLC et al Has Decisions

 as 2:2009cv00878
Plaintiffs: Debra Pittman, Rosalyne R Smith, Markos Mendoza, Rineo Vlijter and Edith Marshall
Defendants: Westgate Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, LLC, Westgate Resorts, Inc., Westgate Resorts, LTD., CFI Sales & Marketing, Ltd., CFI Sales & Marketing, LLC and others
Cause Of Action: Fair Labor Standards Act

Updated July 19, 2011
Comments from Utah Stories and National Boards

Before you Read this.. See what one VIP Client has to say ... 


Robert Paisola, CEO of Western Capita
To our friends around the country:
As many of you know, we have been dealing with Westgate Resorts and its CEO, David Siegel, now for over three years.  We wanted to let you know that we are having progress, (just Google Western Capital v Westgate Resorts) and you will be able to see all that we have done.

This is the copy of an EMAIL that was sent to one of our VIP clients.  
Listen Carefully, Tell them to go to hell and DO NOT PAY THEM. We have many victims in line for a class action lawsuit against this company.  This is the kind of email that we receive on a DAILY BASIS:

From The National Wire Services on Siegel

Next, We are Announcing that Western Capital International has formed an Alliance with 500 Westgate Resorts Victims and 47 Employees and Former Employees for the purpose of filing a National Class Action Lawsuit against Westgate Resorts and all of The David Siegel Companies, including Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Special thanks to the Western Capital VIP Staff and our newest VIP CLIENT (Client Data is Always Confidential) , for the extensive legal data that has been done and will be needed to do this.  Special thanks to the current employees at Westgate who are also assisting us. Your confidentiality is absolutely assured.  If you are a victim of Westgate Resorts, Do your research on this project and then visit and email us at .

A National Conference Call will take place in the near future for the 500 New Clients and the Current Western Capital VIP Client Base (You MUST have a valid Client ID and Access Code to be present) to discuss this matter in detail.  

Note to the media:  The Conference Call is Closed to the Public.  We will not be able to officially comment on this matter until the case is filed in Federal Court. Members of Law Enforcement will be present on the call.  Our estimation is that there are over 100 Million Dollars in Damages just from what our teams have been able to uncover from  (Read about David Siegel's House and Asset Sale Below)  Westgate Resorts and David Siegel. (Our legal team will also be discussing this during the call)  If you are a Current Westgate Employee who has been assisting us in Florida (Deeding Department and Compliance) or Las Vegas, you will be able to attend, email for details.  All parties will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, and the call will be monitored and regulated by Cisco Systems International 

         Westgate Resorts Class Action Lawsuit Now In Play

Nevada court might finally deliver timeshare ripoff victims the justice they deserve.

Reported by Utah Stories:

It has been amazing that such a blatantly dishonest company as Westgate Resorts has been able to continue lying to customers and selling timeshare rip-off scams for as long as they have.

It actually appears that Westgate might finally get what they deserve. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Westgate Resorts that apparently has a very good shot of winning in a Nevada court.

Utah Stories has been inundated over the past three years since they wrote their initial story on Westgate: Hollywood Dreams and Timeshare Nightmares about how their salespeople were blatantly lying about the cost, fees and potential value of their timeshares for sale in Las Vegas and Miami.

To get to know Westgate you must know Westgate’s owner.

Mr. David Siegal attends events with celebrities and business moguls such as Dolly Parton, Vanna White, David Hasselhoff and even Bill Gates. All of which  have had their photos taken with Mr. Siegal.

Appearing as chum buddies, Mr Siegal attempts to builds his credibility like a parasite does with his host.  The Westgate offices are plastered with photos of people who we know and might trust with Mr. Siegal.

Business owners and celebrities don’t realize it might take years to wipe the slime off their hands after they touch or even pose with this guy. Mr. Siegal has the most dishonest sales force I’ve ever encountered.

These people make used car sales people look like angels. They lie, cheat and steal from customers through “gotcha” contracts or contracts they don’t honor because they assume the victim will not go through the trouble of filing an out of state lawsuit. We have found this not only personally but through the hundreds of customer testimonials we have acquired. The flood of testimonials has made me believe this would be a perfect case for a class-action lawsuit.

Robert Paisola has on his blog The TimeShare Chronicles has documents related to the lawsuit filed under Nevada court. Anyone and everyone who has posted their stories on should visit his site to see how to proceed in bringing  justice to Westgate and Mr. Siegal.

To learn about more of Westgate’s deceptive practices. Read about our stay in Westgate’s Miami “Five Star Luxury Resort”. Or any of our other five stories posted on this company.

Ok.. If you think this is a good idea... YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET... BULLSHIT!
(This was an email that was sent to a CONFIDENTIAL VIP CLIENT) Do you guys REALLY think that this will RATTLE THE DAVID SIEGEL EMPIRE... This is what happens when attorneys think too much.  WE DO NOT DO THIS!

Begin Text---

Thank you for your inquiry with regard to “getting rid of your timeshare.” The following information summarizes our main method for relieving prospective clients of personal responsibility for future timeshare payments, with ultimate surrender of your unit as our goal.

We utilize the formation of a limited liability company (LLC) as the vehicle through which you are absolved of liability.  The LLC will have its own TIN (there are no tax consequences for this transaction), in order to distance you even further from ownership, and lend the LLC further individual identity. This is a legitimate tool and will pass muster against any claim against you. I cannot emphasize this enough; when the timeshare is transferred to the LLC, you no longer remain liable to the timeshare company, and when the timeshare company transfers the timeshare on its books to the LLC, you no longer have liability.  However, we must be assured that the 2011 maintenance/assessment fees are current, and the timeshare unit is owned free and clear.

Your property is deeded and, therefore, the common law rules of real estate apply.  Thus, as real estate, unless there is a restriction on the transfer set forth in the original deed, you have the absolute right to transfer the timeshare, and the timeshare operator has no right to reject the transfer.  The transaction is absolutely legal.  In other words, when the unit is transferred to another legal “entity,” liability ends.  In this connection, I can safely state that the deed has no restrictions on transfer.

A private limited liability company (LLC) is created (the LLC may be created in any of the 50 states; however, our choice is based upon ease of filing and costs), before the next timeshare fees are due.  We ask for a limited power of attorney allowing us to communicate with the timeshare company regarding the timeshare unit.  We then transfer the timeshare by deed to the LLC, and submit the recorded deed to the timeshare company, which then transfers on its records the identification of the new owner.  Thus, the entire process results in the LLC becoming the responsible entity, and removes you from liability.   At such time as the LLC receives a bill for a future maintenance/assessment fees, we will apprise the timeshare company that the LLC has no funds to pay the fee, the LLC is dissolved, and the timeshare is abandoned, leaving the timeshare operator the only practical option of taking back the timeshare from the LLC. 

The LLC incurs an annual state fee for filing a report as to the members and managers, but we anticipate that the LLC will be dissolved and the timeshare unit surrendered or abandoned long before any future state fee is assessed. 

Our fee for our comprehensive service is $1,100.00, plus $260 in disbursements (disbursements are an approximation, based upon anticipated recording and filing fees) (the timeshare company may charge an internal transfer fee, which we will pass along to you when we know how much it will be ). Our fee is for comprehensive services, which includes filing fees for the LLC, estoppel letter from timeshare company, designation of registered agent, preparation of limited power of attorney, obtaining of TIN, preparation of transfer deeds, transmittal of deeds to Register of Deeds, notification to timeshare company, preparation of deeds of reconveyance, dissolution of LLC, recording costs, and any miscellaneous effort in connection with removing you from liability for the timeshare unit. 

Please let us know if you would like to proceed. It’s important to keep in mind the date due on the next maintenance/assessment fee.  A sufficient amount of time (6 weeks to two months) must be allowed to go through the process.

Fees are customarily paid in advance, and for your convenience and in order to expedite the process, we will be pleased to accept your credit card payment by phone.  You may also pay by check, payable to ATTORNEY XXXX for $1,360.00.    

Just as a matter of information, we have been asked many times:  “Why aren’t you a member of BBB?”  The reason why many “traditional” professionals like me (doctors, lawyers, dentists, architects, accountants) have chosen not to pay for membership in the BBB, is simply that the standards under which we practice our calling, as prescribed by enforceable codes of professional ethics and State licensing laws, are decidedly more stringent than any standards which BBB may prescribe.  Frankly, BBB is often nothing more than a complaint bureau for consumers and a marketing tool for members.  It has absolutely no authority to either resolve disputes or enforce standards.  “We answer to a higher authority!”  Should you wish to confirm my credentials, Florida is available online (MORE BS- DELETED) membership is presently inactive, since I have not practiced in that State for many years. 


From The Orlando Sentinel
Amid the nation's continuing real-estate slump, Orlando's time-share king is attempting to sell $350 million worth of real-estate and noncore assets, including thousands of acres of undeveloped land in Central Florida.

David Siegel, president and chief executive officer of Westgate Resorts, has listed a portfolio of properties with Carlton Advisory Services Inc., an international real-estate investment-banking firm. A total of 60 assets are up for sale, from hotels to mobile homes to airplanes.

"We're selling our non-time-share assets to raise cash for our time-share operations," Siegel said Wednesday. "We're selling anything that we don't currently need for our time-share [business]."

The real estate includes a dude ranch and the once-famous Grenelefe Resort, both in Polk County, as well as land that already has government approvals for time-share construction. Carlton Advisory Services said all reasonable bids will be considered.

"We definitely have a lot of interest," said Scott Stay, an asset manager for Carlton. "These are selling closer to distressed pricing, but they're not distressed assets."

Westgate Resorts, like many time-share developers, has struggled financially since the credit markets froze in late 2008. It has cut more than one-third of its staff since then.

Siegel also slowed construction last year of his planned 90,000-square-foot mansion near Windermere, dubbed Versailles, saying he needed to dedicate more cash to the business.

About three-fourths of the property now up for sale is in Florida, though Siegel is also offering holdings in other states, including Nevada, Missouri and Tennessee, where he has time-share resorts.

The assets listed by Carlton's online-auction service include two private aircraft, a 500-room Ramada hotel in Kissimmee and the rights to develop lodging on land near the entrance to Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif.

The entire portfoliois available for viewing by registered computer users at

Siegel bought Grenelefe Resort for $12.8 million at a bankruptcy auction in 2002. Residents there have complained for years that Siegel has neglected the golf-and-tennis resort, which once drew celebrities but has now fallen into disrepair.

Also on the listing: River Ranch, a dude ranch on 1,700 acres along the Kissimmee River. Siegel purchased that bankrupt property at auction in 2002, too, for $5.1 million.

Previous list prices for the properties range from $2,000 for some vacant land in Polk County to $50.3 million for the Grenelefe Resort.

  1. I have been in this for awhile and went to FL with the intention of getting out of this once and for all.I have made my maint fees and haven’t used it for awhile.When I went there they stated I had to pay a $50 deposit and agree to a meeting that would take an hour while on my vacation.Well 2 1/2 hours later nothing was resolved by Hideko the sales rep.I told her I just want out of this timeshare she stated there is no way to do that.I told her I just want to sell the week and/or get out of it BY GIVING BACK TO THEM.I had a fixed week.She stated to me well there are 2 ways to get out update to a flex week so it will be easier to sell it and or rent it out or just don’t make the maint fee and it will go into foreclosure and be sent to a collection agency with unbelievable interest and go on my credit record and I would be unable to purchase a home for 2 yrs.Hideko told me if I upgrade to a flex week I would have a better chance of selling it.Hideko also stated to me that there was a man that rented his out for 5 years straight to a family from England for $600 a night.So I went ahead and did it so I had a better chance of getting rid of it.I called her the next day and stated how can someone get $600 each night when your site advertises $125 each night.Then I got another song and dance to the point I was set up with what they stated was a corporate person that would take care of me when I spoke to the closing person.Then I was baited and switched for a location other than what I had originally signed papers for.Also when I went back the first time after signing the next day I stated I wanted back my original week that was fixed and the closing person stated that was not possible that that was already gone which I replied to her it is Sunday and know banks or offices were open.The list of things goes on and on.Like I had my reservations 3 months prior and after making them they called me the next day and stated they would need to charge me another $500 and I stated I will not pay that so the girl on the phone stated I would have to cancel and rebook 45 days prior to my check in and I stated that was fine.She then stated she spoke to her supervisor the next day and we could leave things the way they were.I got to Orlando and they didn’t even have me listed for arriving on that date.The room we got was below par.The decorations were trashed and they obviously didn’t care about the decor.So when I told Hideko about the room she moved us by the end of the day.The accommodations were better but the tile floor was filthy(were is that maint fee going).A night or 2 before we left I found a dead cockroach by the dryer.That same night I went in the spare bedroom and turned on the light to see a live cockroach crawl out of my suitcase.We tried to go to the owner breakfast the second day we were there and went upstairs were everyone was and they had someone at the front of the line ask us were is your rep?I stated we are owners the person said the owners breakfast is downstairs out the back door.So we went outside and they had coffee, fake orange juice, milk 2 kinds of dry cereal croissants and mini muffins.That was the worst breakfast I have encountered. Especially for a so called 5 star resort.I had a better breakfast at Harrisburg PA at a Quality Inn were we stayed before heading to Orlando.I AM SO INTERESTED IN A CLASS ACTION FOR THESE PEOPLE.PLEASE REPLY AND LET ME KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN TO GET THIS STARTED.THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND HELP ON THIS MATTER.
    We made the mistake of purchasing a timeshare with Westgate and have been forever sorry. It is possibly the worst mistake I have ever made. Our dealings with them after purchase convinced us almost everything the salesman told us was either a lie or a half truth. Two years ago Welk Resorts offered to take our Westgate timeshares as partial payment for points with Welk. Our check to Timeshare Closings, Int. was cashed in November of 2010. What Welk Resorts ended up doing was signing our timeshares back over to Westgate. Now Westgate says they don’t have to accept them back and are demanding we continue to pay maintenance fees. After months of dealing with a collection agency my physical and emotional health is suffering. First of all, AVOID WESTGATE TIMESHARES in every way you can. I am now researching the best agencies with which to file complaints against Westgate. I’m sure it’s a long shot but I’m also searching for a class action lawsuit to join.

    We own in Orlando also. We purchased our timeshare through Ramada back in 2000, which was in turn sold to Leisure and finally Westgate. We lived in Texas at the time but knew we would be transfering to Florida within 5 years. Well, all was well with Ramada and Leisure until we reached Florida and was ready to use. Westgate has never provided an update contract with their name or any documents other than a bill, not even reservation pamphlet. We have gotten to use our week during our open season April to August but only twice. We can’t use another facility in Orlando or any other city in Florida from which we are told. And we can’t switch to another areas peak season. Our last payment is in August but I would still like to be rid of this beast of the ever growing MAINTENANCE FEE and also included in the lawsuit. Please do not hesitate to contact me.
    we attended a time share presentation and were told that even though we did not want to purchase a time share we could get a week at a discounted price. Our lives are too hectic to be gone for a week so we wouldn’t buy it. The sales rep assured us we could split the week in half and loose one day of the vacation. we called today to book a half vacation willing to loose one day and were told what we signed did not fit that option because we are not time share owners. Well we own our own business and work full time jobs, we knew the combination of the two would not allow us to be gone for 8 days at one time no matter how we planned and now we are told we can go for three days and just loose the other days and money we have already paid. Its frustrating!!!!
    I was unemployed for a long time but never missed a payment except the maintenance fee on our Westgate resort in Orlando Florida. April 08, 2011 I told the Westgate rep that I would start paying on it at the end of the month. I called at the end of the month and completed the partial payment via their automated system. May I tried to logging on to my account to make another partial payment and pay the monthly installment, it appeared that I had been logged out and needed to call so I did, after I made the regular installment I told the rep that I wish to make another partial payment towards the maintenance fees however I was told that I could not pay anything towards the maintenance since it had been sent to an outside collection agency. The rep even refuse to verify the prior partial payment, so now they refuse to verify if the payment was made, have increase the total amount due on the maintenance dues and have some agency hounding me for something that was completely unnecessary,
    I would like to join in and sue them.
    I have stopped the monthly payments on our westgate resort in Orlando Fl. I bought this in June of 2008 and have never used it.Each time i try and use it to exchange they have told me that it would cost $500 plus the exchange fees. When I bought this there was nothing said about the $500. I went to Las Vegas and looked at the planet hollywood towers and while there i had the manager to pull our account up and look. He said that with what i have in Orlando that i will never be abled to exchange for there or nowhere else. But for $7000 he can fix it for us. then dropped the price to $5000. i told him no that we had already been screwed enough. Since I have stopped paying westgate will this end up on my credit report? If there is a class action lawsuit I want to be contacted. I have more info that may be helpful. Thank youWe went to vegas for a friend’s wedding and decided to tour the PH property while there….they gave us he same story. WE weren’t gonna buy at a place we weren’t sure we could get ot easily. Also stayed at the Myrtle Beach peoperty (we oqwn in Orland) and they gave us the same kinda story. And their’s is a refurbished HOTEL! Their property at Colonial Williamsburg sucks too. I want out. Class actions sounds good to me!
    Hi – I am now being hounded by Westgate for ever increasing dues. They are threatening legal action.
    What can I do?I would ignore them Robert. It’s pointless to pay a company that lies.

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    Westgate Resorts Admits Timeshare Advertising Dishonest

    Posted by Utah Stories in Media & Culture
    A ‘five star luxury resort’ Westgate Resorts executive admits untrue. Our experience in Westgate South Beach and how Westgate’s deceptive practices should refund buyers their money.
    Westgate Resorts Miami, Florida Timeshare
    Westgate Resorts Miami, Florida
    Last week the time finally came to depart on our Westgate vacation in Miami. As I stated in our previous story, the fine-print in our contract showed that our one-week vacation was actually a three-night vacation for $495. Westgate said in their defense that a “one-week vacation” didn’t necissarily mean that we would spend the entire week at their hotel but they would be providing three nights and four days of a “one-week vacation”. Like many I’ve heard from since writing this story, countless times we have smacked our palms against our heads and said,” What were we thinking!” I don’t remember any hypnosis involved but somehow we were duped in such discpicable fashion. Almost immediatly afterwards I had some bad feelings about what we had just bought. What I remember is we were sold because of my inherent cheapness. I figured we might be able to save some money visiting my brother in Miami, all while having a relaxing stay at a five-star resort on Miami’s South beach. I imagined my family in their cheap little hotel room while we would be living large in our “five star resort.”
    Eventually we came to the conclusion that what we believed were errors in our contact, or over-sight on our part,continued until it was obvious that we had been duped by modern-day corporate con-art— selling properties under false facades, using the credibility of business moguls to sell rip-off timeshares to people who don’t automatically consider all salespeople to be lyers. Now I know that if you are outside of Utah– don’t believe a word they say.

    Hundreds Ripped of by Westgate

    Westgate Resorts Five Star Room
    Westgate Resorts "Five Star" Room
    As misery likes company I felt some relief in the fact that we weren’t the only dopes who had been roped— we have a lot company in our outrage. Westgate Resorts has ripped off hundreds if not thousands of people, who have complained on forums and blogs about their dishonest sales tactics. Luckily, we never agreed to purchase the complete timeshare agreement when were given the tag-team extreme pressure pitch in Las Vegas. However, we did end up purchasing what they sold us as a one-week stay with the option for three other small vacations at a highly discounted rate; with the additional incentive of discounted airfare (likely half-off, they said). They also assured us that we would be able to book the week we were wanting for my brother’s wedding. However, due to a processing lag of 20 days– there assurances were inaccurate and nearly every part of the pitch was deceptive. Seven nights was actually three nights (which I fought against and received an additional night). Airfare was more expensive through their Vacation Passport service not less. And the following is a report on how accurate we found their claim as a “five star luxury resort” to be.

    From Four Star Hotel Heaven to “Five Star” Timeshare Stink

    After arriving in Fort Lauderdale, we spent the first night in a four star hotel. We had booked a true “one-week vacation” by paying extra for the added days. Our first room was incredible. It was in a four-star hotel in the Boca Raton Resort Bungalows. With contemporary furnishings, bed with a down comforter and silky sheets; balcony overlooking palm trees we were quite pleased. Keep in mind, this place was only four stars.
    west gate dirty shower scam timeshare
    Westgate Resorts Miami, Florida dirty showers, is this worth their bargain price of $165 per night?
    The next morning we headed South on I-90 to Westgate’s South Beach and checked into room. Our first thought: “on what planet or time era could this room be considered five stars.” The furnishings were completely outdated. The various smells in the hallways were noxious. The couches and chairs would be lucky to fetch $50 at a garage sale. Brand new twenty-years-ago, this room might have been four stars merely for its location, however in 2008, the Westgate could never be ranked higher than two stars. What sort of luxury resort are guests required to plug their noses as they enter the hallway?
    Perhaps David Siegel—Westgate CEO, believes by putting enough celebrity photos on the walls makes a vacationer feel special enough to make up for the gross smells, awful free continental breakfast. Mr. Siegel has photographs of himself with the likes of Paris Hilton, Dolly Parton and even Bill Gates on every floor throughout every hallway of the hotel. This was an obvious attempt to try to build credibility for the constant barage of tours going through the first floor. Funny they never offered the tours on the second floor where we were staying among the smells of antisepctic cleaner and food rot.
    Westgate Resorts five star room
    Westgate Resorts five star room service only makes your bed every-other-day
    By our third morning I found Martha Cruz, Wesgate South Florida Manager, who was willing to answer my questions about how Westgate printed on their building several times “A five star luxury resort”. Mrs. Cruz’ response was that they were a “five star location”. However, once their improvements were completed, their resort’s ranking would match their five-star location ranking. I then asked here how it was that they clearly printed “resort” not “location” in terms of the five stars. Mrs. Cruz told me this was a referral to the future not the present. I then confirmed, “so your signage is inaccurate?” Her response was that currently its is inaccurate but in the future, when the add their Tiki Bar lounge and million dollar improvements it will be accurate.
    When its it ever okay to produce signage and advertising that is not directed at the present state of affairs and sell and advertise as if it is? It would be fine if they wrote, “someday to be a five star luxury resort, but for now bring some nose plugs.” Westgate Resorts uses this tactic for both their Las Vegas non-existent Planet Hollywood tower, as well as their “five star luxury resort” in sunny South Beach. Certainly, no Best Western motel could get away with hyping their rooms as having balconies, marble and 15 foot ceilings then get away with it by writing on the wall of their tiny 8 x 10 room “in the future”. Customers would complain to the front desk and be refunded their money or face legal action. Yet Westgate, has seemingly found a way to get away with blatant deception. Not being an attorney I’m not aware of the letter of the law, but I think Westgate Resort’s lies are fertile ground for a class action lawsuit that should return millions of dollars back to the buyers they’ve deceived.
    Editor’s Note: Our previous Westgate stories to date have been read by thousands of readers. These stories offer advice for selling timeshares and tell the entire story of our timeshare experience begining with the sales pitch in Las Vegas. Begin with the first installment: Hollywood Dreams and Timeshare Nightmares

    Tell Us Your Westgate Rip-off Story

    If you have been ripped-off by Westgate Resorts, tell us your story (using the form below). We will work on your behalf to organize a petition to begin the necessary legal action to return you your money.

    Timeshare Rip-off Stories

    Rafael Oliver-Vidaud
    West Gate Miami Beach:
    They lied to us when they said we would lock in the price of vacationing. They have turned the Miami Beach resort back into a cheap hotel that now costs less than our maintenance fees and they increase them every year; they are unable to deliver the flexibility that was promised.
    Viviana R
    honey moon nightmare
    My husband and I had gone to Vegas around the same time last year (june), we were tolled of a 30 min talk about how we could be owners of a time share that would save us a lot of money on vacations, at first we thought why not listen we would at least get the free romantic package since it was our honey moon. The first few times I recall telling the lady that we could not offered it, and she continued to lower the price, until she tolled use that 174 dollars a month was the lowest price they would go only for us.. we felt pressured, but also excited about owning something. It’s been a year and I am now pregnant and about to lose my job from calling out to much due to morning sickness, i have contacted them hoping i can cancel since i will no longer be able to offered it, and what i got as a response was that I am not able to cancel~! and should fax a request to some account service department. I’m going to try and do that but I would like to get some help with anyone who has managed to cancel after a year.. pleas.. any money i can make now will go to medical bills and the baby.. but i would need to solve this problem first
    David Smith
    West Gate ownerships is a joke….. My room that I was shown to be purchasing was nothing like the out dated ran down room actually sold. During our stay our room was ram sacked by house keeping and items were missing. Managment never returned my calls and I wish I never bought the BS package. David Segiel is a comin con.
    michelle jones
    me and my sister was scam to by westgate resort they told us that we could sale own timeshare back to them at a profit that’s not ture,a five star hotel not,we pay 152.00 a month that 1,831 a year.the whole thing was a scam i told they i couldn’t afford it they said that they would buy it back if we couldn’t pay for it 4 years later im still stunk with this junk! THEY ALL LIE TO YOU AT WESTGATE RESORT.please can any one help me .
    Hello, My husband and I just bought astudio time share yesterday for 22,000 they told me I was getting a good deal becuase they were giving me prices from 2006. They did tell us we can carry over the week and that we would not ne liable for any damages if we rent it out…when I returned today my co-work told me they got a timeshare there for half the price and a bigger room. After that I decided to contact Westigate and complain about my purchase price…the rep ended up convincing me again that I still got a great deal…once a got home i decided to google up westgates pros and cons and found this website…thank you. I will get started today and send my certified letter tommorrow. Do I just fill in the blanks in the revocation form and sign and date or do I have to sent a explaination letter along as well?
    re: Minerva
    I don’t know the exact details, but they are required by law to allow you to revoke in a simple easy manner. Please let me know what the exact process is so that I can fill readers in. I’m So glad you found our sight and are preventing yourself from years of painful payments on a piece of sh** deal.
    Kenyetta Kelly
    I brought a 2 bedroom at Westgate Palace in Orlando Florida and they told me a lie too. They told me that I could not cancel my timeshare. I brought it on a Saturday in 2008 and when I got home that Monday I tried to call and cancel to see what steps I need to take to cancel it. I was told I coild not cancel it. But reading the article about the public offering statement it does say you have five days to cancel and they told me when I brought it that I could not cancel it because I asked the question what if I get home and want to cancel. They lie dto me and I have been stucked in this timeshare. And they lied to me about a whole list of other things in my contract. The same things they lied to Mondy Nelson about they told me which was not true. Page 17: Statute 119A: that Nevada law allows us to cancel (they didn’t want us to know about 5 days and tried to confuse us and spin around the facts until after 5th day)
    Page 9.3d (after table of contents): Accural and carryover of timeshare weeks. You CANNOT carryover your timeshare weeks. We were told that if we didn’t use one week, we could move it over to the next year up to three years. THIS WAS A LIE
    Page 10.8. It again states there is no carryover from one year to another. Like many timeshare victims, buyers often don’t use their week or days year-after-year, resulting in paying maintenance fees even without any usage.
    Page 11 10.f: We bought a 2 bedroom suite every other year, which could be broken up into two separate weeks. One week in the one bedroom suite and one in the studio. We ONLY bought this because they said we could break it up and use the studio in one year and the one bedroom in the other year. This states that you MUST use both studio and one bedroom in that year. You can’t split in your off year.
    Page 11 10i: We were told we could book up to a year in advance for our every other year timeshare. This says only book up to 120 days in advance.
    Page 16 6: We were told that if the place was rented out and it became damaged by the renters we would not be responsible. That there would be HOAs (Home Ownership Association fees) to cover. This states that we would be solely liable for any damage incurred. Therefore their promise of the ease of switching weeks with someone in Miami for ours in Las Vegas was also a lie)
    Page 2 of Exhibit 8: We were not told that the I.I program (the travel exchange) was voluntary. They told us it was part of the westgate program and that all dues were required each year.
    Karen Cavalier
    We bought into Westgate in Gatlinburg about 5 years ago through high pressure sales. We told them with my husbans’s job that we could not book vacations ahead of time. Oh-you own-not a problem. They showed us a beautiful deluxe room and we signed just that everyone else. Well, 2 months later, we tried to book and said there was no way we were going to get in that year. They sold it to us in August and had the nerve to tell us we couldn’t go. Through many phone calls, my husband got them to give us a reservation. When we got there, the room was horrible. It was not what was shown to us. We found out that they did a bait and switch. We went back to the sales management and threatened to see an attorney because my husband heard one of the salesman say they do bait and switch all the time. Well, they ended up giving us a fixed week with the ability to float, but that was a joke. Like many of you, we have also been scammed from agencies to try to sell them. Maintenance fees have gone up horrible. I think consumers should be protected from crooks like this. If they were made to give us our money back, they wouldn’t be filthy rich and continue to scam people. I wish you could get some help out there.
    Brad Nelson
    We bought a studio timeshare from Westgate Park City in 2006. They had renderings and info about the golf course all over the place. We were told that if we bought that we would get discounted golf and basically be treated like a country club member because we were owners. This was why we bought. The golf course has never been built, never even had an approval to be built, and today they don’t even bring it up. Of course the contract states that only the amenities listed are applicable. But come on! If any real estate agent in the country misrepresented facts like that on any transaction, then said “read your contract, tough luck, they would be sued, license revoked, and possibly thrown in jail. I would love to start a class action law suit here in Utah for the time period they represented the golf course. Anyone else get this pitch and would like to join in?
    Help us gather 100 timeshare rip-off stories against Westgate so we may proceed with a class-action lawsuite against their dishonest business.
    from John Smith
    I am a timeshare sales agent, for the most part you are all right, but be very selective about thie timeshare you buy talk to other people and see if there happy with it timeshare is a good thing if you buy the right one. but under no sercumstances trust no one in the business they are all pathalogical liars
    Follow-up from Michael
    We are currently pursuing a personal lawsuit, however the more information that I gather, it appears that a class action case could go forward, especially if there are more people who can come forward such as you with claims that what was in the contract was not what they delivered. For example your situation where in the written contract the difference between how a week is defined, providing 3 nights versus 4; although 4 was specificed and etc. Our dispute revolves aournd what was written in the contract versus what they are delivering regarding the timeshare purchase (deed issues).
    According to my attorney this is classic “Bait and Switch” tactics that are employed and what they are doing is fraud.
    If you have any other contacts who have experienced simlar experiences it would be great if you could provide me their details.
    from Michael Bogenreif
    I find your article interesting. We are in the process of litigating our issues with Westgate and would appreciate any other people who have experienced deceptive and fraudulant practices with Westgate – Planet Hollywood.
    from D Baker
    The 2008 Florida State Statutes are located at this link
    You may find this to be very useful. We did… We beleive that we will receive our down-payment refund in full and according to information in the stautes, they must provide the refund within 20 days.
    from Ginger D
    I want to file a class action lawsuit against westgate resorts in Orlando Florida for misleading practices. It is a typical timeshare nightmare story. Basically, I have a timeshare that is paid off and I have outrageous maintenance and tax fees. I can’t even give this timeshare away. It costed us about 16 grand. They gave the impression that we could resell through them and that our maintenance fees would be around $400 dollars per year. The maintenance fee has gone up to about 800 dollars a year or so. I am worried it is going to keep going up. They won’t buy it back, resell it for us or even take it back for free. It is a monkey on my back. I have read story after story about these timeshare industry scams. I have tried to list it through a timeshare listing company only to find out it is a scam too. Those companies who listed them have already had a class action lawsuit against them or have closed shop and left town. I would venture to say I have blown at least a thousand dollars on listing. I am learning how not to get scammed the hard way. I want to sue westgate resorts for misleading practices. If not for that, then for whatever I can do to them to shed a spot light on them. If not a class action lawsuit then perhaps passing of a bill to protect consumers from these misleading practices of the timeshare industry. It isn’t so much money I am after but setting a presendence. I would like to get back my 16 grand at best though.
    from D Baker
    It happened yesterday, being sucked into the absolute worst decision I have ever made financially… We accepted the tour for discount, initially declined, later accepted (bought/agreed) and today on the way home, realized what an idiotic stupid move it was… We’re in the process of cancellation tonight. It “IS POSSIBLE” as long as it’s accomplished within ten (10) days of signature “OR” delivery by the developer to provide all required documents (which may include the actual deed for property depending on the state). The FL state statues explain 10 days as the day you send notice, so get confirmation of delivery (apparently that’s all that’s required legally)…. Also stated; you may “CANCEL THE CONTRACT WITHOUT ANY PENALTY OR OBLIGATION” which we have requested and expect a full and immediate refund of the down-payment. We noted this information in our request.
    Not certain this will help anyone, but we’re trying and the information was there in paperwork provided.
    I assure you that it’s most likely in the document with font so small you can’t see/read it. That’s where we fond it.
    Last week if anyone asked what the stupidest thing was I had ever done, I wouldn’t know what to say. At least now, I have the answer…. At least I may be able to recover…
    Best of luck to all!…
    -From Ken H
    We took a trip to Las Vegas and was booked at the hotel now called Planet Hollywood. After checking an on our way our room. We were approached by a couple of guys asking us if we would like a free meal and a couple of show tickets, they stated all we had to do was listen to a 30 minute talk. So we agreed and went the next day. No where in this conversation did they mention timeshare if they had I would of said no thank you. The next day we went it was more like a 3 hour and when we told them we could not afford it they magically came up with another one. We still said no and they said we will let you talk it over this went on for 4 conversations and finally just to get out we signed on. When they finally took us back to the hotel we went through the papers but found nothing in there to cancel. So after a year of arguing with them they sent me a paper I had signed showing we were suppose to cancel within 5 days. No where in my packet was that paper. Had it been I would of went the next day to cancel by way of the Post Office sending it Express to the address listed with a return receipt for proof. Then I get a phone call from them tell me my tax are late. I tell them I don’t nothing about taxes they said it was in my contract I told her that contract is useless as your company gives selective parts to people. A couple months ago they started bugging me to give them names of friends or workers so they could try and sell them a timeshare. I went off on them saying I would not even do that to people I dislike. I told the girl that her company screwed us, her reply was I am sorry you feel that way. Yeah right. I have yet to use the timeshare and don’t plan to. I do plan to go back to Las Vegas though and wear a T-shirt with something to the effect if you buy a Timeshare remember you have only 5 days or you are screwed for life.
    Thanks for the story Ken. It sounds like your experience very similar to ours. What amazes me is that Westgate Resorts employees seem so naive in the deception they are engaging in. We bought our week in the end, because the final woman we spoke to seemed so nice and down to earth. She was foreign, telling us about her new baby. In the end, we came to find out nearly everything- not just a few things-but everything that came out of her mouth was a lie. I’ve come to think I can trust certain types of people. Don’t trust anyone in a timeshare sales office.
    From Tammy Sullivan
    Tammy writes that now in addition to selling timeshare rip-offs, Westgate is also overbooking or double booking their incentive package
    Its this incentive package they use to lure people into their sales area at Westgate Hollywood Planet Resort. Tammy says that she and her husband booked 3 days and 2 nights for $199.00 and have already made plans to travel to Las Vegas. Now Westgate can’t confirm they will have a place to stay.
    Tammy writes -
    NO where on the papers does it have a room confirmation for the date we requested. Just a confirmation for a Westgate Vacation package for 3 days 2 nights. Typed on it it says to call for vacation. Well tonight he has spent two hours and spoke with over eight different people and have gotten no where. Never, ever gained access to speak with a supervisor. Last person he spoke with said he would look into it and call within one hour. Well after 90 minutes my husband called him back and he sent my husband to an other guy who said we are on standby in case anyone cancelled. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Not what we have set out to do nor travel over 2000 miles to MAYBE have a room or not. As it stands right at this moment the last guys we spoke with will get back with us tomorrow. Will keep you posted…
    PS By the way we are timeshare holders in Orlando but have yet to use our timeshare. We have bought into it 1 year ago and have purchased it for every other year.
    I’m sorry to hear about your problems with Westgate. If you do end up going and finding a room I think you will find, as we did, that what they promise as a delux room will be quite a disappointment. There are now some very good specials going on at Luxor and other very nice casinos for close to what you will be paying for your Westgate room, I would try to get your money back and book at another casino. If you would like to read about what our room was like in the “new” Planet Hollywood Resort you can read about it in my first story here:
    Hollywood Dreams and Timeshare Nightmares
    Good luck, and keep us posted on what happens.
    Update From Tammy Sullivan
    My husband has now requested they just refund us our money back ($199.00) and forget it. She put him back on hold …she came back she said the refund will take about three to five days to go through. Cannot send us a confirmation to verify they will refund our money. I am TRUELY ashamed to say we have the timeshare with them. (Have yet to use it) In the meantime I am about to call American Express (how we paid for this) and see if they may be of assistance.

    18 Comments so far:

    1. Carmela Ho says:
      Hi, I couldn’t find a contact form and it’s really important that I reach you so I hope you don’t mind me posting here. WOW, what an interesting little blog you have here :)! I also run one similar to Utah Stories » Blog Archive » Westgate Resorts Admits Timeshare Advertising Dishonest, I guess great haha. I’ve been following your site for a while now and I’ve got some bad news – you’re wasting your time if you’re only making a couple hundred bucks or even a few thousand a month. You can be doing SO much more. There are a lot of tips and tricks that will help you improve your google and yahoo ranking, just some stuff I’ve learned over the ages. It’s easy! It shouldn’t take you more than 5-10 minutes. Please reach me today at BigBloggerJake [at] I’ll check my spam folder and you should too, I know email filters are crazy these days. Looking forward to boucing ideas with you!
    2. Marie says:
      It’s a long story and too many to write. To make it short, we upgraded our westgate flamingo vegas timeshare to Planet hollywood but learned it was a down grade but was ripped off $10k out the door.I am interested in class action.
    3. Cassandra E says:
      I purchased Planet Hollywood Westgate with an every other year option, being told I could trade it in for any other property in the world with a phone call because Vegas was the most popular timeshare and with Interval International, all I had to do was call and reserve from any of their properties. It is so much more difficult than that.
      But the big things was maintenance fees every other year starting in 2009 then continuing in 2011, 2013, etc. The property was not ready for occupancy until 2010 and I was still charged 2009 maintenance fees and told I could use the property in 2010. I asked how they could charge maintenance on a building that was not opened and required no maintenance, telling them to waive the maintenance fee and I would resume in 2011. They would not allow this quoting the legal problems I would get into by not paying and making the timeshare impossible to sell. I paid the $750 to “maintain a property that was still under construction.
      Now, Jan.2, they are billing me again for 2011 maintenance fees, $850 this time. I could get a week at the Bellagio for that. And I already paid over $20,000 for a every other year timeshare. If I am only suppose to pay every other year, and they have only been open a year and a half, how can I be billed twice.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    4. David CHERNESKI says:
      We just want out of our westgate timeshare,We tried to get them to buy it back but they wouldn’t even listen. The maintenance and taxes are out of control.PLEASE HELP!
    5. Wesley says:
      My family and I went to Westgate Park City in February, 2011. When we arrived we noticed we were given the wrong room and asked to be moved. It took mgmt 30 hours to move us to the correct room! We have been owners at Westgate since 2008, and had two great years in the correct room. Mgmt is now telling us that it was a fluke that we were in those rooms! I have documentation that shows exactly what we bought! Simply put, they are trying to do a bait and switch on me!
      The treatment my family and I received at Westgate Park City, was disgusting! I am currently working with David Siegals office to try and correct this issue.
      There is more to this issue then I can write and it is very disturbing. I feel I have been deceived.
    6. Stan d man says:
      people i just found another website, actually a blogsite that may lead us to our answers regarding westgate and d seigel. and here it is. just highlight copy and paste on to your browsers address field this should load the page and there you can add your blog or plea. good luck, i have done the same on their end to come here and post any info we could all use.
      i think there are more sites out there that we can all go and state our frustrations about westgate hope we can all help each other
    7. Mike M says:
      reply to dane white
      Why can’t you get a week? If you try and book a week within like 1-2 weeks before you want to stay, then you probably won’t get that week. I book mine 10 months in advance..don’t have any issues. I have no problem with my timeshare…except the HOA fees…somewhere during the sale that went over my head. The HOA fees are a big rip-off. 700-1000 a year depending on what you own is outrages for only being there 1 week out the year.
    8. Mike M says:
      Easiest way to get out, stop paying on it. be just like not making a car payment, it gets repoe’d. You credit will get affected, but bad credit is not like it used to be. Now you can file bankrupsty today, but a new car tomarrow.
    9. Patricia Jones says:
      Like so many of you on this blog, we have been ripped off by Westgate. We bought Westgate Planet Hollywood and now I just discovered that they don’t own it anymore. Actually Worldmark by Wyndham bought it a few months ago.
      If there’s a class action in the works, please let me know.
    10. Dana White says:
      Multiple lies and pressure convienced me and my husband to purchase timeshare in gatlinburg around 2 years ago. Today is 2-14-11, we still have not been allowed to stay our 1 week in the cabin they deeded me. Please is there anything we can do to get out of this nightmare? Please include my name if a law suit is filed…
    11. EVE M says:
      i purchased in 2007, and was told that i would get a week every other year. However, most weeks are normally booked months in advance and i ended up having to deposit my weeks so i would use them. Then i was told that their may be a fee for using the weeks. This is a rip off and it seems i will never pay it off. Also i used i think it was time share by owners to try and sell i paid and then they kept asking for 1000′s more dollars to list the property and sell it. I would not advise any one to purchase from Westgate.
      If a class action suit is going to be filled i would like to be involved.
    12. brenda says:
      I am a very mad owner we purchased a timeshare with westgate resorts in 2008. We asked the sales guy if we split our time and dont use it all at once is there any other fees to pay to do that and he said no. We asked the sales manager the same question and he said no so we agreed that helped us make our choice we wouldnt have bought if there was we then asked the closing officer the same question she also said no fees. Well later on we found out that there is some stupid fee for us to split our time and no use the whole weeks or rooms at one time that was not what we were told. That is lies and fraud to get people to buy that is deceptive and isnt it illegal. Please can anyone give me any ideas on what to do. Noone at westgate wants to honor what we were told they have no customer service skills and dont care about owners as long as they are getting money. I filed with the BBB what a waste that is they dont do anything.
    13. Sue Stone says:
      I too have a Westgate Timeshare, my was purchased in Gatlinburg. I was mislead in every direction during a sales presentation that went on and on for hours. Sales personal were all over you during the presentation switching off during the conversation if it looked like they were losing you. I tried so many time telling the lady I cannot afford this. They continued to change the deal around until finally coming up with something I thought maybe I could afford. They did not even check my credit before approving the deal. I couldn’t afford it then and I am struggling to keep it current now. I fell behind in the maintenance fees and they turned it to a collection agency and the man talked to me horribly I ended up charging the fees to a credit card to get him from calling me again. I will not do that again. The mortgage is current by the maintenance fees are now over 1200.00 and I make 25.00 payment monthly. I wish I had had the courage to get up and walk out on that sales woman and not looked back. I hate the timeshare and wish it was illegal for companies to prey on people in such manner.
    14. Zackery says:
    15. Mary L says:
      My husband and I have been married for 8yrs. He bought a Westgate time share from a friends sister and her husband before we were married. It’s For every other year and it has gone from $600 to $800 (every other year) maintanance fee. It’s paid for but I want out. I do not want to go to Disney every other year and it’s $140.00 to exchange for another resort w/i westgate and $200 to join interval international for exchanges elsewhere. We have done the latter twice (once for the Dominican Republic and once for Miami) they were both DUMPS. We attempted to add my name to the deed. We were told to send a copy of our marriage certificate and a notarized letter and it would be taken care of. Once we did this we were told that we needed to pay a fee and go to the courthouse in Florida. I am so SICK of Westgate. We just want OUT!! PLEASE HELP!!!

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      Timeshare Scam from Westgate Resorts

      Posted by Utah Stories in Media & Culture
      Part III in the ongoing story of attempting to fight back against Westgate Resorts rip-off time share scam. See our previous story on Vegas time share scams.
      In the previous installment I described how Westgate Resorts in Las Vegas used dishonest practices to sell us a time share single-week package for Miami Beach, Florida. We bought the package with the assurance that we could easily book the week we wanted (for my brother’s wedding in March). Previously, I described how things went wrong. For the past two weeks I’ve made an attempt to fight back against Westgate, and do all in my power to get them to own up to their lies and blatant deceit and give us the vacation we purchased.
      Fortunately, we never purchased the $30,000 time share in Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Resort (which is now selling for just under $10,000 here). We did however, buy a one week package for $495. We assumed this compromise was indeed a good deal, used to entice customers to upgrade to the full package. We were assured by our sales representative Sonia that this was the case. She was a nice lady and didn’t for a moment appear be a con-artist. In hind-sight she was so effective in her lies because she appeared innocent and kind. Where the previous sales efforts of Hikoo and Melissa failed, Sonia succeeded perhaps because as a unique foreigner from South Africa she in now way appeared deceptive.
      Miami Beach
      Miami Beach, Florida
      We had completely digested the lies Sonia had fed us had, when we finally discovered them (nearly one month after our purchase). Not until after the 30 day processing lag when we first attempted to book our vacation, did we discover innocent sweet dark eyed, dark hair and foreign Sonia, was in fact a bold-face-liar. Sonia had told us we were buying 8 days and 7 nights. The contract, however, sated “4 nights.” I do blame myself besides Sonia for this oversight. Anyone spending any amount of money, based on an agreement, should read a contract in its entirety. If anything is unclear in a contract, don’t ask for an explanation, instead simply don’t buy. Everything in a well written contract should be crystal clear. Contracts for purchasing agreements should never be confusing, (my dad is a realtor and he has told us this). If there is nothing confusing about the agreement (buying a one-week vacation) there should be nothing confusing in the contract. The contract should be brief and easy. Westgate’s contract for purchasing a (supposedly) one-week vacation is four pages. Sonia was talking to us about South Africa as we were signing the agreement. She never bothered to point out what the contract actually stated. This was lesson number two: don’t be friendly while signing a contract.
      With this said, I wasn’t about to complain to Westgate about Sonia’s sales tactics. Yes, I was lied to, but everyone living in the United States (especially me) should well know that what is in black and white is what matters, not what verbally agreed upon. We (believed) we had bought four nights five days for $495, I could still live with this. My relief in not purchasing the entire time share package helped me to forgive Sonia and realize my own ignorance.

      So why have I been fighting Westgate for the past month? Because our contract states in two places that the arrangement is for “4 nights”, yet they keep telling us they don’t offer a four night package only a three night and seven night package. So because there is no such thing as a four night package, we need to understand that we only have three nights, despite what the contract states. Unbelievable? Its true, I spoke to three different Westgate representatives, we have booked our vacation for August, yet each representative has told us the carbon-copy ink impression on our contract is inaccurate and we only have 3 nights. I spoke to two Hispanic women when I called the first two times. I didn’t want to raise hell to these women, so I asked to speak to their manager. The second lady told me I should fax them my contract, and if it does say “4″ nights I will get my four nights. I did one better than this and scanned two pages of the contract where the number “4″ is so clearly written.
      Finally, I sent the e-mail along with links to my previous stories. This was still not enough. I then spoke to a gentleman named Louis, who told me, despite the evidence, it didn’t matter. They don’t offer a 4 night package. I was begining to wonder if this was a common routine. I asked to speak to his manager, Louis said he would have his manager Freddy call me. I said to Louis, “They have told me before they will call and they never did. So I don’t believe you.” I was angry, the entire time on the phone with Louis. “Freddy will call you. I’m sure he will when he gets off the phone.”
      Nearly a week went by before I was contacted by Freddie (Manager of the Wesgate Resorts call center). When I finally got a hold of Freddie he again repeated what the others had told me, “I’m sorry sir, but what the contract means is 4 days and 3 nights.”
      “My contract reads ’4 nights’, there is no ’3′ anywhere. The number “4″ and after that it reads “nights”. Pull up my scanned copy of the contract if you don’t believe me.”
      I then spouted off the entire story about how we had been completely lied to, believing we had bought seven nights. Telling me now that my contract is wrong is unacceptable. I’m not going to accept being lied to then blatantly deceived.”
      I was yelling at Freddie. Freddie wanted to calm me down.
      “So what do you want me to do about it sir?”
      “How about I either get what’s in my contract or you give me my money back?”
      Freddie agreed to generously give us the fourth night, as written in the contract. He said we should receive a confirmation letter in the mail soon. One week later we still haven’t seen a letter. Who knows if he really added the night or if he is just betting that I wont call back again and wait on hold for an hour just to fight over getting our fourth night.
      The entire saga has made me consider the nature of big corporate power. I’m not an anti-corporate activist. However, I have come to understand a new fact of life in dealing with dishonest corporations. This lesson has made me understand how and why our courts are so filled with class-action law suites; where greedy lawyers line up for the opportunity to go up at bat against a big corporate powers.
      Westgate Resorts is one of the largest timeshare companies in the world. With every person you deal with, there are 100s of others who could also be speaking to you. I imagine the span of cubicles and offices must be vast. The representative speaking to you might offer their first name, but in dealing with such a giant as Westgate, its clear that employees believe that there is almost no accountability for their actions or words. I don’t believe that all timeshare companies are evil, or that even Westgate has evil intentions as a corporation to rip-off as many people as they possibly can. However, Westgate functions under a giant bureaucracy where every person, office and resort is an additional layer of padding for real accountability. There is always another rung in the ladder. No doubt, Westgate Executives believe that very few will be willing to make the climb to where the buck stops. Few have the money and few want to hire a lawyer to hold their feet to the fire.
      My final words to Freddy were, “You have my contract in hand. Would you please go back to Sonia, or her boss, and ask her why she is lying to her customers to get the sale?”
      “Yes sir, I will, that is not how we want to operate here.” I’m sure Sonia got an earful from Freddy.

      4 Comments so far:

      1. ICB Butter says:
        New Plant Hollywood by Westgate Resort. Timeshare are dishonest and they have stole more than $17,775. I had no clue they were scamming me since 2009 Every time I tried to book a week they it were you have to pay for an exchange week are some other fees and I never used it nor seen the resort, I were paying on it since 2008.They were misleading and lying as they go alone. Using high pressure and making us think we were getting a real deal. This is in the center of the Vegas strip and everyone want to buy this Resort and it worth a lot of money. It will pay for it self. and at anytime you do not want it we will buy it back. I have learned if it sounded to good to be true and they still scammed me. Each man came to our table were better then the other one.
        I want every penny they stole plus Tax and the one’s involved in these scammed should be put in jail.
        • ICB Butter says:
          Corrections above every time I tried to book a week the would tell me about exchange fee’ and are they had no rooms at that time.
          Westgate tell all kind of lies. I want to put my name on a class action suite. Are there on out their?? I’m so MAD at Plant Hollywood in Las Vega. They stole my money
      2. Leah says:
        I don’t normally comment on blogs.. But nice post! I just bookmarked your site
      3. Linda says:
        We are really idiots, we have been fighting with Westgate since 2002 and we continue to purchase from them, in hopes that we will get to go somewhere else, instead of only Florida. That is the only place we have goneand every yeare we fight to tears trying to go to other Westgate properties.
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      Vegas Timeshare Scam from Westgate Resorts

      Posted by Utah Stories in Media & Culture
      How one-week single usage timeshare options are misleading and dishonest. The second of four installments beginning with our previous story on timeshare nightmares.
      It’s very fitting when you consider that Las Vegas is the number one place for timeshare sales in the United States. I now completely understand why timeshare companies are so willing to offer free vacations worth a few hundred dollars, just to get you into their presentation. Just as most gamblers (including myself) don’t consider the long-term statistics or relevant facts of the situation, timeshare buyers share this mentality. The difference is gamblers have close to a 50 percent chance of winning at some games like blackjack. Winning from buying a timeshare in Vegas, however, is impossible.
      In the previous installment I described how Westgate Resorts in Las Vegas used dishonest practices and emotional appeal to attempt to sell my wife and I into, what we later found out, was a big-time ripoff timeshare.
      Westgate and Grandview both tell potential buyers that they need to enjoy life, take a break from hectic American society. They sell the notion that there is no better way to vacation then by owning a timeshare. However, just as our presentation was wrapping up, a timeshare salesperson was being carted off on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance. The $40,000 commitment doesn’t offer relief but stress. The borrower is slave to the lender, and Westgate Resorts is selling rip-off time shares that the open market offers for nearly half of their asking price.

      I wrote my last piece in hopes of helping people from making the mistake of burdening their lives with a rip-off. As I noted in the previous piece, we did end up purchasing the $450 dollar option for one week in any Westgate resort, for attending my brother’s wedding in Florida. The salesperson assured me that we would have no problem booking the room we would want in Florida if we acted right away. What we later found was that a 20 day processing lag prevented us from “acting right away”, and by the time we were able to book our week, the rooms were already sold out in Florida.
      I don’t blame the saleslady as I do myself for being duped. Its clear that these salespeople can say nearly anything and get away with it, and they are likely trained to lie. It is only the words in writing or legalese that matter. In the fine-print, we also later learned that Florida (Miami Beach) is also excluded from the one-week purchase agreement. I don’t believe our salesperson intentionally lied to us, I think, more likely the sales agents don’t know any of the fine print and they are free to sale as they wish.
      The second lesson I can share is, before considering buying a timeshare be sure to research the deals available on the open market. Buyers should never trust these sales agents, they try to convince you that you are buying an investment that will go up in value when the truth is after you have signed the paper work and walked out the door, most buyers have immediately been suckered into a huge rip-off that is worth thousands less on the open market. Timeshare sales agents have almost no accountability to be honest with their customers. They aren’t real estate agents, therefore they need not worry about losing any type of license, if they are dishonest. The fine print of the contracts absolves them from any liability. The distance people travel to attend these timeshare presentations is another way they can get away with their lies. Very few people from Salt Lake will return to Vegas to find the lyer and beat down their door. Trust these people even less then you would a used car sales person. Save your self the lies. If you want to purchase a timeshare, buy your timeshare on the open-market, at places like The thousands you save will apply to many more free trips or false incentives then they can ever offer.
      I’m still not a fan of timeshares over traditional real-estate that you own outright, however, there are timeshare bargains to be found, especially in an economic down-turn. If you have already bought your timeshare from Westgate and you want to get out of it, my recommendation is to wait a year (if you can) until the economy picks up again, then list your timeshare on one of the sites listed on the side-panel.
      Story Update: We have now completed our timeshare battle against Westgate in Miami, Florida. In this installment we gain access to one Westgate executive who admits that thier advertising is dishonest. Read the final installment of our popular series released September 10th, 2008 here

      Reader Comments

      Doug Klein
      My wife and I purchased a unit at Flamingo Bay in Las Vegas in December 2005. Due to an extended illness, we used the unit for the first time , Feb. 2009.
      When we purchased, we were shown only one unit, a deluxe two-bedroom. There was no mention during the presentation of other unit types, sizes or styles.
      When we arrived for our vacation, we were given a much smaller, and much more poorly appointed unit, a standard two-bedroom. We immediately complained and were told that was what we owned, and there was nothing that would be done for us.
      Our contract apparently was switched to a different unit which we had no idea existed.
      There are two points that are especially interesting: The sales person who told me that I was stuck told me that switching a contract was “standard operating procedure”. When I met with the property’s GM, he told me that he “hadn’t heard of the issue with the two bedrooms, but had with one-bedroom units”. There was a witness to the meeting with the GM.
      At this point, I’d really like to get out of the contract with these people. They are dishonest, know it, and don’t care.

      2 Comments so far:

      1. ICB Butter says:
        Who handling the class Action suite for Plant Hollywood WestGate.
        Please forward me info so I can fight and get my money back, We have been ripped Off and I’m pissed off.
      2. ICB Butter says:
        I My husband and I have scam, We bought a timeshare from Plant Hollywood, Westgate Resorts. And we have not used it one day. We have been ripped off and they lied too us
        For the past several months We have tried to get rite afterward we are unable to make money on it as they promise we could. They lied to us and I want my money back, I want to join the Class Action Law suits. Please send me info on how to put my name on the list.
        I want the Lawer the Angry French woman is using?

        America.. She is NOT USING A LAWYER!  It is Western Capital and its CEO, Robert Paisola... join the fun.. 
David Siegel , Jacqueline Siegel, .The Robert Paisola Foundation 09-22035-lbr 20/20 20/20 robert paisola 2010 in Reflection a and e television abc abc radio network Adrian McKnight al mustafa Al Mustafa v Crane Albert M. 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