Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Western Capital Battle: Western Capital and Robert Paisola v Allen Harkleroad In Play


Hey Allen Harkleroad.. Do you really think that I would live in a place like the photo you have spewn across your
useless blog... Try Again Partner...If this guy comes after your company, we will assist you for FREE LIVE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! IF YOU ARE A REPORTER AND WANT TO SEE ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE ON YOUR SHOW, See and Contact Us NOW!

Originally Posted at: (Details to Come) It is LIVE WITHOUT ANY OF HIS ADDED GARBAGE.... Again America.. Look at our results!

(Statement On Allen Harkleroad pending News Story Video Release. Paisola, WC Media )

To Our Friends Around the Globe:

WCM (New York) It is a very rare occasion that we give air time to people who disagree with what we do at Western Capital, however, it appears that this is a very special situation.

We are very aware, that you, our readers, viewers, listeners, clients and friends like to stay "in the know" with the issues that we are fighting and investigating, and most of the time, we refrain from speaking until a matter is fully resolved, but this is an extreme exception.

I want to personally introduce you to the world of a man named Allen Harkleroad, from Statesboro, Georgia.

This is a man who decided to enter the world of Western Capital as an adversary from day one. We heard from Harkleroad when he decided that his "intellectual property" was being used in an improper way.

As you know, we are used to dealing with very large corporations and entire industries for our clients ( see ) ; not with one man band operations like Allen Harkleroad.

When this guy decided to print the article below, we sent our investigators to Georgia. We wanted to see who in the hell this guy was. (Remember, our opponents are multi national corporations and CEO's worth Billions of Dollars.

We quickly found out that the man that was "threatening" to release information... (LOL) was a guy who lives in a 180,000 dollar home in at 107 Ladd Circle in Statesboro, Georgia. (see photo below)

That was our first clue that we should not invest a lot of money in this guy (see
(July 2011 update)
We are now dealing with this guy in the media. All of the Attorney Data will be published at , as part of the Harvard University DMCA Archive)
This is in part, how the net works (Behind the Scenes) It is unfortunate that you have to have money to protect your brand, reputation and IP, but when dealing with guys like Allen Harkleroad, you had better have the money to sue his ass in Federal Court, AND people on the ground to gather intelligence data so you get paid!

However, we received this email...

On 7/9/2011 10:25 AM, Allen Harkleroad wrote: 
You might want to destroy any evidence or misuse of my IP or it might come back and put you behind bars...

Now, we KNEW that we were dealing with someone very delusional, and we immediately got our friends in Law Enforcement Involved (Cyber Terriorism) ...

So We Responded:

From: Robert Paisola [] Sent: Saturday, July 09, 2011 1:41 PM To: Subject: Re: might Mr. Harkelroad, I am sorry that we can not support you on this crusade that you mention, but please understand that the way we deal with issues and problems that effect the American Consumer have and are published all over the world.  If you read the Robert Paisola Story (Soon to be a movie) , then you will see that we re publish both the positive and the negative press, sites and comments. The key is to be completely transparent, so that when people such as yourself desire to "engage" , that The American Public, and Media realize that it is nothing new, and they are then required to look at OUR RESULTS. Again.... NOTHING ELSE MATTERS... JUST THE RESULTS MR. HARKELROAD. Our RESULTS are in the BILLIONS of DOLLARS... Sir... - We never destroy data. That would be illegal under Sarbanes- Oxley, and we have been very clear on our position regarding your Intellectual Property claims and have forwarded everything to Counsel.  

And then came the threat of all threats from this "Man of the People" Allen Harkleroad... (Do you think this guy even went to Law School... College... High School?
Hey Robby, Why don't you go down to the gas station and have the let some air out of your ego, it seems to be a bit overinflated. See you in court and in the news buddy! You sound like broken public relations record and then some you freakin broke ass conman loser. I see through your fa├žade and am going to make sure you have a hard time making a dollar anywhere. You and your UPS store "suite" business suite and cellphone contact. I will expose the piece of lying shit that you are. CNN and Donald Trump might overlook you, but I won't, save your pathetic crap for someone who gives a ship. You may want to give your soul to Jesus cause your ass is mine. Robert Paisola you are nothing more than a conman billing poor consumers out of their hard money. News expose' coming very soon to expose you and your consumer con game.  

- Ok.. "So what.. Just another piece of hate mail. We get this a lot from people who try so hard to gain the attention of the international arena, but fail... LOOK AT OUR RESULTS!

Now we received this wonderful threat...

I guarantee when I am through there will be no motivational speaking gigs for you. Good luck, you are going to need it when the Sherriff's sale takes all you own and I seize your bank accounts, PayPal accounts, etc. You stole my IP and I wil ensure you think twice about doing such again, with anyone.  
What till you see what we publish. All sorts of good things (for us).


(Get Real Allen, this is why we get the kind of money that we do! We do not quit! (See ) and we win MILLIONS for our clients with our legal partners! See what we did to Goldman Sachs!)

There is a waiting list for our services, and this is the kind of data that Corporate CEO's LOVE... They CAN NOT STAND GUYS LIKE YOU, so they hire US! (If you are being sued by this man or any of his BS Companies listen closely... YOU ARE AN IDIOT IF YOU PAY HIM A DIME. By the time our final report is released, HE WILL NEVER HAVE A CLIENT AGAIN! ( He likes photography, so he can shoot a few 300.00 weddings in Georgia) Then this guy decided that he wanted us to purchase his book on Consumer Rights...
Hi Robert, Like the subject line says it is Friday, I am in a jovial mood... I would think if some unknown party purchased fifty print 
copies of my new book 'Suing Abusive Debt Collectors' and fifty print copies of my "Stick it to Sue Happy Debt Collectors" book 
from I might just be inclined, after careful consideration, to let the entire copyright infringement issue die and go away, et. al.  (Links Removed)

Ok.. That was the final straw. " Buy my book and I will go away" Right... We have turned down MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to STOP OUR INVESTIGATIONS... SO HERE WE GO AGAIN! (Look at the cases he lists below.... Notice he does not mention the outcome!!)

So guys, this is the deal... We do not stop. We do not sell out. We do not deal with people who live in houses that cost the same as our cars. We do not give them attention and WE PUBLISH THE NEGATIVE BS, BECAUSE... THAT IS WHAT WE DO! (1-877-517-9555) And remember.. This is how people like Harkleroad respond...

Hey Robby, Why don't you go down to the gas station and have the let some air out of 
your ego, it seems to be a bit overinflated.

No Problem with that comment!! We are not only GOOD.. We Are the Best! As for the "Overinflated Ego" ... Yep.. That is true too...(See )

So, as always.. Here is the article that this "Author" (See below receipt ... Book Sale Number 9 (YEP 9 Books!)

We will not comment further, but to say, this is THE EXACT REASON WHY we are so TRANSPARENT. We do not care what people pull out of their anus and SAY, but just remember this... "If you are going to create a world wide difference, and put yourself in the middle of the battle.. Remember.. These kind of guys are always going to be trying to ride on your shirt tails! If you want more information, just Google us and you will see all that we are doing.. good and bad stories! (Follow us at ) The bottom line is that we rest on our RESULTS.. not petty bullshit. If you can not handle the way we do things, then this Allen Harkleroad has a great book that you can purchase for about $20.00 . If you want us, it will cost at least 1,000.00 USD. We will even throw in one of our six published books free! (Remember, you get what you pay for!) We will publish the full Georgia Investigative Report when the contents are cleared for release by our Legal Counsel for Immediate Release. It is what is called a "Comprehensive Legal Case Data Individual Investigation" ) and includes:

(Partial Description) Private detectives and investigators may use many methods to determine the facts in a case. Much of their work is done with a computer. For example, they often recover deleted e-mails and documents. They also may perform computer database searches or work with someone who does. Computers allow investigators to quickly obtain huge amounts of information, such as records of a subject's prior arrests, convictions, and civil legal judgments; telephone numbers; information about motor vehicle registrations; records of association and club memberships; social networking site details; and even photographs.
Detectives and investigators also perform various other types of surveillance or searches. To verify facts, such as an individual's income or place of employment, they may make phone calls or visit a subject's workplace. In other cases, especially those involving missing persons and background checks, investigators interview people to gather as much information as possible about an individual. Sometimes investigators go undercover, pretending to be someone else in order to get information or to observe a subject inconspicuously. They even arrange to be hired in businesses to observe workers for wrongdoing.
Most detectives and investigators are trained to perform physical surveillance, which may be high tech or low tech. They may observe a site, such as the home of a subject, from an inconspicuous location or a vehicle. Using photographic and video cameras, binoculars, cell phones, and GPS systems, detectives gather information on an individual. Surveillance can be time consuming.
The duties of private detectives and investigators depend on the needs of their clients. In cases that involve fraudulent workers' compensation claims, for example, investigators may carry out long-term covert observation of a person suspected of fraud. If an investigator observes the person performing an activity that contradicts injuries stated in a worker's compensation claim, the investigator would take video or still photographs to document the activity and report it to the client.
Detectives and investigators must be mindful of the law in conducting investigations. They keep up with Federal, State, and local legislation, such as privacy laws and other legal issues affecting their work. The legality of certain methods may be unclear, and investigators and detectives must make judgment calls in deciding how to pursue a case. They must also know how to collect evidence properly so that they do not compromise its admissibility in court.
Private detectives and investigators often specialize. Those who focus on intellectual property theft, for example, investigate and document acts of piracy, help clients stop illegal activity, and provide intelligence for prosecution and civil action. Other investigators specialize in developing financial profiles and carrying out asset searches. Their reports reflect information gathered through interviews, investigation and surveillance, and research, including reviews of public documents.
Computer forensic investigators specialize in recovering, analyzing, and presenting data from computers for use in investigations or as evidence. They determine the details of intrusions into computer systems, recover data from encrypted or erased files, and recover e-mails and deleted passwords.
Legal investigators assist in preparing criminal defenses, locating witnesses, serving legal documents, interviewing police and prospective witnesses, and gathering and reviewing evidence. Legal investigators also may collect information on the parties to a litigation, take photographs, testify in court, and assemble evidence and reports for trials. They often work for law firms or lawyers.

Oh.. He says he is a publisher... We would love to see his tax returns and credit reports... Oh.. Covered!!! (God Help this guy)

Here ya go my friends!

To your continued success,

Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Group of Companies USA
This guy has sold NINE BOOKS!
He tried to set up a website to defame us, however... Bring It On!

Allen and Sherry Harkleroad of Statesboro Georgia for WCN Networks

Beginning of Full Harkleroad Story (Case 11-48993-43) Harkleroad, Allen and Sherrie Release
Is Robert Paisola the Biggest US Copyright Infringer That You've Never Heard Of?

Being that I am a author and also a publisher, I frequently search for unauthorized use of my companies and my copyright content.
10. July 2011 01

What literally blows my mind is that some people are just so stupid they don’t think they will get caught stealing copyrighted materials. Seriously a quick online search will show copyright infringement. I employ software that digests my content, then performs a search based on the materials. After a short time I have a list of suspected copyright infringements and list of URL’s to look at to determine if there is indeed infringing content. Then we have folks that just don’t care and misuse others hard work to turn a profit. This is called willful infringement and in some cases can be a criminal offense rather than civil.
This past week I ran across several blog posts that contained portions of one of my print books. I have posted the screenshots of these posts and right below each the scanned portions from my book and website from which they were taken.
The first evidence of unauthorized use of my copyrighted works is from Robert Paisola's MyCollectorscom at Blogspot. In most of the copyright infringements below all Robert Paisola did was change my name to his and posted the contents of my book.
After confronting Mr Paisola regarding the copyright infringement I finally get a response. However I just don't believe what he has to say, as his sister had purchased the PDF version of my book (it's in print too). He pretty much admits the infringement without directly saying so.
(like his sister buying my book and someone publishing the contents thereof)
When I tell him that after we finish investigating the copyright infringement, and possibly other infringement litigation forthcoming I get this reply.
So I guess he is asking for media attention on top of it all. So be it, I shall be more than happy to oblige Mr. Robert Paisola.
While researching Mr Paisola, we cam across some interesting federal cases naming my Paisola as a defending in several trademark infringement cases. One of which was brought against Mr Paisola by CNN news.
Cable News Network, Inc. v. Paisola
Filed: April 7, 2010 as 1:2010cv01031 Updated: April 8, 2010 17:23:04
Plaintiff: Cable News Network, Inc.
Splash Media LP v. Paisola et al
Filed: October 5, 2007 as 3:2007cv01693 Updated: October 10, 2007 23:37:51
International Profit Associates, Inc. v. Paisola
Filed: November 13, 2006 as 1:2006cv06154 Updated: August 23, 2007 19:22:44
Ameriprise Financial v. Paisola et al
Filed: September 7, 2006 as 2:2006cv00752 Updated: September 7, 2006 00:00:00
Whitney Education v. Paisola, et al
Filed: September 26, 2005 as 0:2005cv61565 Updated: August 13, 2007 17:17:54
On top of that, a consumer attorney had some problems with Mr Paisola copying his website content and using them as his own.

"We've asked Western Capital on numerous occasions to stop using material from our copyrighted site and trying to delude the public into believing we are somehow in alliance with this scammer. He has ignored all our requests and so we feel it important to establish for ourselves our complete and total independence. Paisola uses our material without permission or endorsement in violation of Federal and international copyright laws. It's ironic he steals and posts pages that expose him, but apparently he's too busy scamming to read what he steals."

- To Ed Madgeson at The Rip Off Report.. Here ya go Buddy! Getting this guy "All over the world" would almost cause me to want to double the offer of 1 Million Dollars Cash we made you for He has NO CLUE what we have done in the past 7 years. Keep up the good work my friend! This guy is a Level 5 Priority... Lets show him how we play! God I can not stand these wanna bees !

One Final Comment from an Allen Harkleroad Email:

Robert Paisola may just be the most dangerous consumer in America for Debt
Collection Companies and Debt Collection Law Firms that treat people
unfairly.  He has a long and distinguished history of sticking it to those
who have treated him and others unfairly, be it through his famous or
infamous depending on whether your company has been targeted 

"With this book, You can now take advantage of his thousands of hours of
research and considerable experience and put it to good use in defending
yourself against collections lawsuits.  This book provides clear and
practical advice that can be used by anyone who is targeted by debt
collectors.  It is up to you to put the advice to good use. I sue debt
collectors for treating consumers unfairly.  Just be-cause you may owe money
does not give collectors or their attorneys the right to treat you unfairly.
We talk to people every day about the tactics used by collectors and their
lawyers against them, and hear amazing stories.  While you may think that
being sued by the collector's falls into this category that is not often the
case.  There are situations where a debt collector can't call or send a
letter to your house without violating the law, but nothing stops them from
suing you. "
Follow Updates at Worldwide via The Western Capital Media Network

A Concluding Word From Robert Paisola

To our many friends, clients, associates and employees around the Globe, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what we all have experienced in 2010 and how it has effected you and some of the work that we have been involved in.

As I write this commentary to you, my great friends, the first word that comes to mind is the word "Chaos". Our country has never experienced this type of financial shift since the great depression. Every day we receive your emails and horror stories of what you are going through. I want you to know that as the President and CEO of Western Capital, we are fighting the battle for justice on many fronts. There are many cases that we simply can not take on, as we too, are being pulled in all different directions.

The Western Capital VIP Program has experienced much success as we have taken on the titans of Corporate America. We now have facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada so that we may continue to combat the timeshare industries, the illegal homeowner associations, the illegal conduct of automobile repossession companies such as IGS Nevada, and our "Put the RepoMan in jail Campaign, as well as our debtors revolt against Bank of America, as well as the illegal conduct of the administrators of our Criminal Justice System, The Harry Blausey Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit out of Newark Ohio, and the many other battles that we take on.

One thing that I know is that we are creating change on a worldwide basis, and because of our "take no prisoners" attitude, we are winning the battle on all fronts. Our Prison Partners Initiative is working. We are working closely with members of Congress and groups such as the November Coalition and FAMM (Families against Mandatory Minimums) to stop the injustice against the African American Population regarding the Crack Cocaine Disparity in Criminal Sentencing. We are watching in awe, as people like Bruce Poon Tip, the CEO of GAP Adventures, can stick his head in the sand, as they ran a ship into an ice glacier, expecting no consequences. That case is in Federal Court now, and my sister was a victim. We are seeing evidence that our involvement in the timeshare "double deeding issue" is being noticed by the FBI and people like Artie Spector and David Siegel are going to prison. We know that "Slumlords" like M. Aaron Yashouafar of Milbank Properties are finally being outed by our never ending battle to show America the injustice that has been created around the Nation by on man. We will see him in Federal Prison.

There have been some good moments to reflect upon as we think about 2011, and one of the greatest is the dynamic success of The Western Capital Multimedia Division. Our success at has given us much admiration around the world. All we can say is you have not seen anything yet!

I have been blessed beyond measure, and it is the continued support of people like you, who watch what we do very carefully, that we are able to produce the results that we do, day in and day out.

We at Western Capital wish you the best holiday season, and as we always say... Look at our Results.

With Deepest Love and Respect

Robert Paisola

Chief Executive Officer
The Western Capital Family of Companies

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Savannah MagazineYesYesYesYesSavannah WBMQ AM 630YesYesYesYesSavannah WJCL TV 22 (ABC)YesYesYesYesSavannah WSAV TV 3 (NBC)YesYesYesYesSavannah WTGS TV 28 (Fox)YesYesYesYesSavannah WTOC TV 11 (CBS)YesYesYesYesSoperton Montgomery MonitorYesYesYesYesSoperton Soperton NewsYesYesYesYesSparta Sparta IshmaeliteYesYesYesYesStatesboro Connect StatesboroYesYesYesYesStatesboro George Anne (university)YesYesYesYesStatesboro Statesboro HeraldYesYesYesYesSummerville Summerville NewsYesYesYesYesSwainsboro Swainsboro Forest BladeYesYesYesYesSylvania Sylvania TelephoneYesYesYesYesThomaston Thomaston TimesYesYesYesYesThomasville Thomasville Times EnterpriseYesYesYesYesThomasville WPAX AM 1240YesYesYesYesThomson McDuffie MirrorYesYesYesYesThomson McDuffie ProgressYesYesYesYesTifton Tifton GazetteYesYesYesYesToccoa Toccoa RecordYesYesYesYesTrenton Dade County SentinelYesYesYesYesValdosta Valdosta Daily TimesYesYesYesYesValdosta VSU Spectator (university)YesYesYesYesVidalia Vidalia Advance ProgressYesYesYesYesVienna Vienna News ObserverYesYesYesYesVilla Rica Villa RicanYesYesYesYesVinings Vinings NeighborYesYesYesYesWarner Robins Robins Rev-upYesYesYesYesWashington Washington News ReporterYesYesYesYesWatkinsville Oconee EnterpriseYesYesYesYesWaycross Waycross Journal HeraldYesYesYesYesWaynesboro Fort Gordon SignalYesYesYesYesWaynesboro Waynesboro True CitizenYesYesYesYesWinder Barrow County NewsYesYesYesYesWoodstock Cherokee Ledger NewsYesYesYesYesWrightsville Johnson JournalYesYesYesYesWrightsville Wrightsville HeadlightYesYesYesYesZebulon Pike County Journal-ReporterYesYesYesYes

Circulation Newspaper Editor Email Phone Fax Mail
2,117,796 Wall Street Journal Alan Murray Yes Yes Yes Yes
1,829,099 USA Today John Hillkirk Yes Yes Yes Yes
916,911 New York Times Jill Abramson Yes Yes Yes Yes
605,243 Los Angeles Times Russ Stanton Yes Yes Yes Yes
577,665 San Jose Mercury News Dennis Akizuki Yes Yes Yes Yes
550,821 Washington Post Marcus Brauchli Yes Yes Yes Yes
530,924 New York Daily News Kevin Convey Yes Yes Yes Yes
522,874 New York Post Michelle Gotthelf Yes Yes Yes Yes
437,205 Chicago Tribune Gerry Kern Yes Yes Yes Yes
419,407 Chicago Sun-Times Don Hayner Yes Yes Yes Yes
404,951 Dallas Morning News Mark Edgar Yes Yes Yes Yes
364,724 Houston Chronicle Jeff Cohen Yes Yes Yes Yes
343,710 Philadelphia Inquirer Stan Wischnowski Yes Yes Yes Yes
337,170 Arizona Republic Nicole Carroll Yes Yes Yes Yes
324,970 Denver Post Gregory Moore Yes Yes Yes Yes
298,759 Newsday Debby Krenek Yes Yes Yes Yes
296,605 Minneapolis Star Tribune Nancy Barnes Yes Yes Yes Yes
292,441 St. Petersburg Times Neil Brown Yes Yes Yes Yes
260,248 Portland Oregonian Peter Bhatia Yes Yes Yes Yes
254,372 Cleveland Plain Dealer Debra Adams Simmons Yes Yes Yes Yes
253,742 Seattle Times Suki Dardarian Yes Yes Yes Yes
246,169 Detroit Free Press Jeff Taylor Yes Yes Yes Yes
235,350 San Francisco Chronicle Ward Bushee Yes Yes Yes Yes
229,255 Newark Star-Ledger Kevin Whitmer Yes Yes Yes Yes
224,761 San Diego Union-Tribune Jeff Light Yes Yes Yes Yes
219,214 Boston Globe Martin Baron Yes Yes Yes Yes
210,925 Sacramento Bee Joyce Terhaar Yes Yes Yes Yes
209,258 Kansas City Star Mike Fannin Yes Yes Yes
196,232 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Arnie Robbins Yes Yes Yes Yes
194,436 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Martin Kaiser Yes Yes Yes Yes
193,549 St. Paul Pioneer Press Sue Campbell Yes Yes Yes Yes
190,625 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Frank Craig Yes Yes Yes Yes
187,841 Orlando Sentinel Mark Russell Yes Yes Yes Yes
187,283 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette David Shribman Yes Yes Yes Yes
183,415 Atlanta Journal-Constitution Kevin Riley Yes Yes Yes Yes
182,964 Orange County Register Ken Brusic Yes Yes Yes Yes
182,463 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Glen Chase Yes Yes Yes Yes
178,692 Baltimore Sun Mary J. Corey Yes Yes Yes Yes
176,232 Indianapolis Star Dennis R. Ryerson Yes Yes Yes Yes
174,641 South Florida Sun-Sentinel Dana Banker Yes Yes Yes Yes
173,555 Miami Herald Mindy Marques Yes Yes Yes Yes
166,182 Las Vegas Review-Journal Michael Hengel Yes Yes Yes Yes
164,568 Tampa Tribune Duke Maas Yes Yes Yes Yes
161,858 Cincinnati Enquirer Carolyn Washburn Yes Yes Yes Yes
156,425 Bergen County Record Frank Scandale Yes Yes Yes Yes
155,497 Charlotte Observer Rick Thames Yes Yes Yes Yes
154,748 Buffalo News Margaret M. Sullivan Yes Yes Yes Yes
152,198 Virginian-Pilot Denis Finley Yes Yes Yes Yes
151,918 Louisville Courier-Journal Jean Porter Yes Yes Yes Yes
151,753 Fort Worth Star-Telegram Jim Witt Yes Yes Yes Yes
143,803 Oklahoman Kelly Fry Yes Yes Yes Yes
142,786 Columbus Dispatch Ben Marrison Yes Yes Yes Yes
142,283 Omaha World-Herald Mike Reilly Yes Yes Yes Yes
141,668 Detroit News Jonathan Wolman Yes Yes Yes Yes
141,092 New Orleans Times-Picayune Jim Amoss Yes Yes Yes Yes
137,681 Austin American-Statesman Fred Zipp Yes Yes Yes Yes
135,283 Hartford Courant Carolyn Lumsden Yes Yes Yes Yes
134,562 Memphis Commercial Appeal Chris Peck Yes Yes Yes Yes
134,470 Raleigh News & Observer John Drescher Yes Yes Yes Yes
133,480 San Antonio Express-News Robert Rivard Yes Yes Yes Yes
128,400 Nashville Tennessean Mark Silverman Yes Yes Yes Yes
123,811 Boston Herald Joe Sciacca Yes Yes Yes Yes
121,825 Riverside Press-Enterprise Maria DeVarenne Yes Yes Yes Yes
120,037 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Karen Magnuson Yes Yes Yes Yes
119,204 Toledo Blade Kurt Franck Yes Yes Yes Yes
119,186 Honolulu Star-Advertiser Frank Bridgewater Yes Yes Yes Yes
117,149 Palm Beach Post Nick Moschella Yes Yes Yes Yes
115,431 Richmond Times-Dispatch Paige Mudd Yes Yes Yes Yes
115,242 Fresno Bee Betsy Lumbye Yes Yes Yes Yes
113,032 Salt Lake Tribune Nancy Conway Yes Yes Yes Yes
112,211 Birmingham News Tom Scarritt Yes Yes Yes Yes
110,000 Philadelphia Daily News Larry Platt Yes Yes Yes Yes
108,247 Des Moines Register Randy Brubaker Yes Yes Yes Yes
107,921 Florida Times-Union Frank Denton Yes Yes Yes Yes
107,443 Asbury Park Press Hollis Towns Yes Yes Yes Yes
106,057 Arizona Daily Star Teri Hayt Yes Yes Yes
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104,053 Arlington Heights Daily Herald John Lampinen Yes Yes Yes Yes
100,336 La Opinion Pedro Rojas Yes Yes Yes Yes
98,381 Knoxville News Sentinel Jack McElroy Yes Yes Yes Yes
96,171 Lexington Herald-Leader Peter Baniak Yes Yes Yes Yes
94,811 Akron Beacon Journal Bruce Winges Yes Yes Yes Yes
94,746 Grand Rapids Press Paul Keep Yes Yes Yes Yes
94,709 Dayton Daily News Jana Collier Yes Yes Yes Yes
94,192 Los Angeles Daily News Carolina Garcia Yes Yes Yes Yes
93,763 Washington Times Ed Kelley Yes Yes Yes Yes
91,804 Providence Journal Sue Areson Yes Yes Yes Yes
90,499 Tulsa World Susan Ellerbach Yes Yes Yes Yes
90,471 Albuquerque Journal Kent Walz Yes Yes Yes Yes
89,224 Charleston Post and Courier William E.N. Hawkins Yes Yes Yes Yes
88,083 Delaware News Journal David Ledford Yes Yes Yes Yes
87,629 Wisconsin State Journal (WSJ) John Smalley Yes Yes Yes Yes
87,518 Mobile Press-Register Mike Marshall Yes Yes Yes Yes
85,405 Northwest Indiana Times William Nangle Yes Yes Yes Yes
84,479 Syracuse Post-Standard Mike Connor Yes Yes Yes Yes
83,969 Vero Beach Press Journal Adam Neal Yes Yes Yes Yes
83,447 Roanoke Times Carole Tarrant Yes Yes Yes Yes
83,199 Tacoma News Tribune Karen Peterson Yes Yes Yes Yes
83,085 Sarasota Herald-Tribune Mike Connelly Yes Yes Yes Yes
82,761 Worcester Telegram & Gazette Leah Lamson Yes Yes Yes Yes
82,248 Baton Rouge Advocate Carl Redman Yes Yes Yes Yes
80,947 Long Beach Press-Telegram Sue Schmitt Yes Yes Yes Yes
80,402 North County Times Kent Davy Yes Yes Yes Yes
79,620 Intelligencer Journal-Lancaster New Era Ray Shaw Yes Yes Yes Yes
77,832 Chattanooga Times Free Press J. Todd Foster Yes Yes Yes Yes
77,102 South Carolina State Mark Lett Yes Yes Yes Yes
77,102 White Plains Journal News CynDee Royle Yes Yes Yes Yes
76,030 Colorado Springs Gazette Jeff Thomas Yes Yes Yes Yes
75,880 Torrance Daily Breeze Toni Sciacqua Yes Yes Yes
74,848 New Haven Register Jack Kramer Yes Yes Yes Yes
73,075 Deseret News Rick Hall Yes Yes Yes Yes
72,479 Spokane Spokesman-Review Gary Graham Yes Yes Yes Yes
72,336 El Paso Times Chris Lopez Yes Yes Yes Yes
71,834 Harrisburg Patriot-News David Newhouse Yes Yes Yes Yes
70,953 Wichita Eagle Sherry Chisenhall Yes Yes Yes Yes
70,253 Lincoln Journal Star Michael Nelson Yes Yes Yes Yes
69,881 Daytona Beach News-Journal Pat Rice Yes Yes Yes Yes
67,464 Contra Costa Times Kevin Keane Yes Yes Yes Yes
66,835 Albany Times Union Rex Smith Yes Yes Yes Yes
65,067 Oakland Press Glenn Gilbert Yes Yes Yes
64,486 Ventura County Star Joe Howry Yes Yes Yes Yes
62,010 Newport News Daily Press Robin McCormick Yes Yes Yes Yes


Hey Allen Harkleroad.. Do you really think that I would live in a place like the photo you have spewn across your

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If this guy comes after your company, we will assist you for FREE. You MUST agree to appear on Live Television Network News.

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More on The Harvard University CHILLING EFFECTS PROJECT..

Chilling Effects (From Harvard Law Description)

A joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, University of San Francisco, University of Maine, George Washington School of Law, and Santa Clara University School of Law clinics.

Do you know your online rights? Have you received a letter asking you to remove information from a Web site or to stop engaging in an activity? Are you concerned about liability for information that someone else posted to your online forum? If so, this site is for you.

Chilling Effects aims to help you understand the protections that the First Amendment and intellectual property laws give to your online activities. We are excited about the new opportunities the Internet offers individuals to express their views, parody politicians, celebrate their favorite movie stars, or criticize businesses. But we've noticed that not everyone feels the same way. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some individuals and corporations are using intellectual property and other laws to silence other online users. Chilling Effects encourages respect for intellectual property law, while frowning on its misuse to "chill" legitimate activity.

The website offers background material and explanations of the law for people whose websites deal with topics such as Fan Fiction, Copyright, Domain Names and Trademarks, Anonymous Speech, and Defamation.

In addition, we want your help. We are gathering a searchable database of Cease and Desist notices sent to Internet users like you. We invite you to input Cease and Desist letters that you've received into our database, to document the chill. We will respond by linking the legalese in the letters to FAQs that explain the allegations in plain English.

Periodically, we issue "weather reports" assessing the climate for Internet activity based on the letters we receive and news reports. What areas (topics, legal categories, jurisdictions) are coolest to online conduct? What activities risk being frozen out altogether? What conduct gets the warmest reception?

Getting Started:

The Chilling Effects Clearinghouse contains multiple topic areas. Choose a topic area to view its introduction, Frequently Asked Questions, and annotated Cease & Desist notices, along with reference material and recent news links.

If you are visiting because you have received a Cease & Desist notice, we invite you to input your notice in the database. Questions on the submission form will help to categorize your letter, and then guide you toward topic areas for further information. Once the notice is in our database, clinical law students will be able to annotate it with questions and answers.

Sample Cease and Desist Letter with Analysis

Conceived and developed at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Chilling Effects is a joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and clinics at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center, Stanford Law School's Center for Internet & Society, Boalt Hall's Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic, and other law schools across the country.

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