Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Unfair/Unethical Business Practices at Advanced Call Center Tech, Robert Paisola Reports

To whom it may concern (hopefully several will be concerned)

I am sure this is not the first negative email you have received regarding this excuse for an employer, however I am tired of seeing the people that work with me and for me, treated this badly.

No call center, I repeat NO CALL CENTER or place of employment should follow their "business" model, if you can call something this unprofessional a business at all. Bank of America, AT&T, GE, Saxon and any other potential businesses:

ACT laughs at contract violation due to having other projects on same floor, when we are told to move our projects over a weekend because of a client visit or an audit, the "head guy" Hunter Croft is famous for laughing on the call floor at how "they pulled it off" after a client visit.

Do not take my word ask an agent where they sat at last week or two weeks prior to your visit, and not one that management grabs, poll a few employees to get a good feel. Verbal abuse and threatening jobs of employees is a must and is standard developmental tool practiced by Hunter Croft, who has threatened my job on occasion, and I have witnessed first hand this same type abuse to other managers/directors who in-turn roll the abuse downhill to their employees.

 This accounts for the huge turnover rate (which is why we are always hiring), no training or development of employees. These situations breed unethical practices, which you are seeing in the news. HR violations – Unethical Hiring (telling one person we are not hiring rehires and then hiring someone that not only worked there, previously but was terminated for violating company policy (even employing those arrested for identity theft and fraud, working for mortgage companies)). sharing private and confidential information to anyone that asks for most part, including cases involving terminated employees and even sexual harassment cases.

Things told in confidence are told as soon as the person leaves the room to anyone that wants to know, including other agents and staff, that should not be privy to this type information.

 Playing calls in training of customers and laughing at the customers and how they are joked about and talked to by training now mind you. Seems towns such as Douglas, San Luis, Harlingen, Douglas and Johnsons City do not publish any negative press in the fear they will not be able to say a company in their respective towns IS hiring still, even though they just fired 300, that doesn't make the news only the NOW HIRING does, or that the same people seem to keep getting re-hired (per some of the articles below "that is if you provide the upper mgmt with narcotics/prescription drugs)

 Just drop in un-announced for a suprise audit on your project or better yet, have someone gain employment without upper management being made aware. You will be amazed at what is taught on the call floor to build such unethical business practices.

 Even BOA lied to ABC's Nightline and stated they had terminated their business with ACT after these practices were uncovered, and to this day in most sites they still have BOA as a client. ATT & Saxon Operations is famous for their underhanded sales and techniques and my brief tenure under these projects, i had the priviledge of observing and overhearing about falsification of numerous reports to the clients to "pad" numbers.

 Employee testimonials (realize most call centers have disgruntled employees however some of these still work there).

 Please take the time to read these or have someone on your staff browse these statements and see the coincidences with the above
Nightline story

 I realize this may not have as much meaning without a name attached to it, but given the company's track record, most are in fear for their jobs and possibly their life if they come forward, unless given some means of protection. Copies mailed to the following:

Office of Public Affairs U.S. Department of Labor 90 7th Street, Suite 2-650 San Francisco, Calif. 94103 (415) 625-2630 or (415) 625-2631 Fax (415) 625-2633 or (415) 625-2632 Office of Public Affairs U.S. Department of Labor 525 Griffin St., Room 734 Dallas, TX 75202 (972) 850-4708 Fax (972) 850-4711 

Office of Public Affairs U.S. Department of Labor 170 S. Independence Mall West, Suite 633 East Philadelphia, PA 19106-3305 (215) 861-5100 Fax (215) 861-5103 Office of Public Affairs U.S. Department of Labor Atlanta Federal Center 61 Forsyth St. SW., Suite 6B75 Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 562-2080 Fax (404) 562-2081

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