Thursday, March 27, 2008

American Express and Nationwide Credit, We will TAKE YOUR PASSPORT and DEPORT YOU IF YOU DO NOT PAY! by Robert Paisola

Dear Western Capital Financial Team,

I am in a situation and desperately need some input or advice from you guys. Below is my story:

" I am naturalized US citizen and also a citizen of a South American country. A year ago my family ran into some deep financial trouble, so without any concern for my credit, I withdrew some cash advances from my credit card ($10,000 & $18,000) respectively from two credit cards that I had for years and paid them regularly. Before this I had excellent credit. Then I also ran up my Amex cards for $6,000.00, and made a payment or so but I could not afford to pay them any more. I have since moved out of the US and taking care of my family. I do have intentions to pay my debt back but at this point am not able to as my family is suffering and I am barely making ends meet. I am still in touch with my roommate in the US and the other day I happened to get an email from him. He said that someone from Nationwide contacted him regarding my Amex debt, and when my roommate said that he thinks I am out of the country, then the Nationwide rep said that they're pursuing Credit Card Fraud charges against me, and that it is a Federal Case and as soon as I use my passport anywhere I will be arrested and extradited to the USA. And he also went and said that if I don't travel then they will contact all US embassies and my passport won't be renewed or will be confiscated and they will affect my citizenship.

Dear WCF team, please advise me if there is any truth to this. I lived in the Us for 15 years, was a diligent tax payer, a good citizen and never committed any crime..heck, I didn't even get a traffic ticket in 10 years. I know what I did was absolutely wrong but at the time the circumstances were such that I couldn't help it. Now I regret my actions. I thought that my debt would go to collection and my credit would be ruined for 10 years. I really love the US and wish to come back some day when the dust is settled. But this email from my roommate regarding Nationwide's threat has made me sick to my stomach. Please advise me is there is any shred of truth to this, and can my citizenship really be affected by unpaid debt and can I be picked up at an airport and have my passport confiscated".
Please advise me in this matter, as I have lost all my peace and am worried to the point that I haven't slept for days.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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