Thursday, March 27, 2008

Asset Acceptance LLC, Illegal Collection Practices Investigated, by Robert Paisola

Hi Mr. Robert Paisola,

I got your information from I am dealing with issues and lies from Asset Acceptance LLC. I was taken to court over some credit card debt. I got a stipulation to make payments but unfortunately I got into a financial bind and missed a payment which forced a judgement. Friday I called and spoke with a Maurice wade and he told me they would do another stipulation for 250 down and 50 a month there after. He then transferred me to Duane W. and he set everything up and is mailing me the paperwork.. Then yesterday afternoon I get another call from them so I called back and got a lady on the phone by the name of Sherika I think and she told me they can not put in another stipulation and the judgement is stuck on there and the reason they were calling is to garnish my wages.. So I advsd her what I was told that morning and on Friday and she told me that was incorrect and could not be done.. She said they were sending me a promise to pay letter and the judgement was not going anywhere.. I live in Florida and am the head of household taking care of a roommate that has a brain tumor.. Only one income as of right now.. I said I was going to call back and talk to a manager because I did not appreciate being lied to.. I want to know what you think I should do or if you can help me any way.. They have my banking information to start with the 250 on the 29th so if I should cancel it I need to give them at least a 5 day notice so please if you can help me please I could use some assistance or advice.. Thank you.. If you want to contact me you can use my cell phone at 407-247-2492.


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kraftykate55 said...

Recently I tried to take out a home equity loan to pay for some badly needed dental surgery. I knew our house had been paid off and I thought I could get a loan with no difficulty. Come to find out, Unifund put a $30,000.00 lien on our home without our knowledge. Plus, Unifund is garnishing my husbands weekly pay at $125.00 for a total of $500.00 per month. Unifund bought some old credit card debts that the statutes of limitations had expired and then sued him for double what the original debts were. Do we have any recourse in this matter?