Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am a Collector named Sharlene Scott, Please Remove my Name from Your Site by Robert Paisola

Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 9:37 AM

There is a post on your watch list that talks about me as a bill collector. The person who posted it, owed the money. Their credit was reported because they owed the money. He or she in the post stated they got another call from a D. Bell in my office, well that's false cause we don't' have a D Bell.

The problem is, I am having people call me stating about this post and being really nasty and rude to me, threatening. I don't deserve this. I do a good job and work very hard. I understand what your website is all about but you have to leave room to accept the fact that people do owe money and they are going to get upset once they are called by a collection agency. I do my job by the book and I will never/and have never break the law.

I would like to see the post on your site referring to me, removed. The person who posted the site is out of line and I don't deserve the havoc I am getting from this post. If I was out of line, I would not still be doing my job. It is scary when someone knows your name and knows where you live.

I am asking that you please remove the post or at least my name.

Ms. Scott

Here is the post from our site...

Kross, Liebermann & Stone March 2, 2007
I received a call from Sharlene Scott collection agent with Kross, Lieberman & Stone in Raleigh, NC. The agent stated that I have an unpaid debt and payment on the account is due immediately. I was threatened if the balance is not paid in full, a damaging report will be filed on my credit report right away. I asked the agent to validate the debt but my request was declined and from that point on the agent became very aggressive and arrogant with me.
A few weeks later a routine check on my credit report revealed that KLS placed a collection account on my credit history. Shortly after that D. Bell from KLS chimed in and gave me a lecture on "morals and financial responsibilities" then demanded full payment immediately. I was asked to forward my check or my credit card (!?) to KLS or a collection account will be placed on my credit history. Since they already had done that, I wonder why would KLS want to place the same collection account on my credit report over and over again? There must be only one logical answer to this question. That is to harass repeatedly over an alleged debt until the balance is paid in full.

Uhhhh... No.. We will not remove this


arnett said...

hey, I have the same problem & I was wondering, did you ever have to pay the debt?

Dustin Wyland said...

The exact same thing is happening to me. I sent them a cease and desist letter. Actually got a letter back saying that they would stop. Then... again they are demanding money. There are a lot of people that are having problems with this company. Do you want to start a class action lawsuit?

John said...

I have the same problem with Ms. Scott and her company. I have proof a claim from her is fraudulent and they will not remove it from my credit report. In fact, American Express had already cut a check to pay this and I contacted them to stop payment. Provided them the paperwork and they were convinced it was fraudulent and stopped the payment. If I just wanted this to go away I would have let AMEX pay it, but my moral compass would not allow me to let Ms. Scott or her company get away with fraud. Thank you for posting this. I will look for other spots to comment and maybe even start with her state attorney general.